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How to Choose Your Bridal Jewellery in 5 Easy Steps

We've teamed up with the experts at Jon Richard to reveal the secrets to choosing the right wedding jewellery. Discover how to perfectly pair bridal accessories with your dress, while staying true to your individual style.

Bride with blonde hair in a bateau neck wedding dress wearing a sparkling tiara, necklace, ring and bracelet

Bride with blonde hair in a bateau neck wedding dress wearing a sparkling tiara, necklace, ring and bracelet

As a bride-to-be, you'll know all about the excitement of wedding dress shopping. The good news is, that isn't the only amazing fashion moment you'll experience - finding your bridal jewellery can be just as magical.

It's such a special feeling to browse beautiful necklaces and earrings, whether online or in store, imagining yourself putting them on as you finish getting ready on your wedding morning.

However, as with buying your wedding dress, it is also easy to get lost in too-much-choice syndrome. After all, there's just so much sparkling prettiness to consider!

What's more, even if you fall hard for a particular piece, you could find that, lovely as it is, it simply doesn't go with your wedding dress.

To help keep your wedding jewellery shopping experience as magical as it should be, we've teamed up with the experts at Jon Richard.

Stocked at, Next and Very, Jon Richard's wedding collection features a range of jewellery and accessories that are perfect for modern romantics.

They know exactly how to make a contemporary bride look and feel her best - so let's go shopping!

The Easy Route to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Step 1: Check Your Instagram Posts...

... or your Facebook posts, or just pictures on your phone. You're looking for photos of you when you felt really good - date nights, evenings out with your friends, weddings. 

What jewellery were you wearing?

The reason for doing this is that you don't have to lose your personal style on your wedding day - your individuality is what makes you beautiful. Work out the type of jewellery you reach for when you want to feel amazing, and that's the type of jewellery to focus on for your wedding.

Whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, an earrings girl or a necklace lover (or someone who rocks both), you're now looking for elevated versions of your favourite designs.

Simply Silver 12ct Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925 Beaded Edge Personalised Disc Pendant – £32

Plain yellow gold-coloured disc pendant on a yellow gold-coloured chain

But what do we mean by 'elevated'? Don't worry, we're not saying go out and spend a fortune! As an example: imagine that your favourite looks usually involve a disc necklace. For your wedding, you can get this chic Jon Richard pendant and have it engraved for free, making it a lifelong keepsake. You're staying true to your personal style while putting an extra-special twist on it.

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Silver Plated Pave Wave Leaf Bracelet – £30

Silver leaf bracelet

Do you regularly rock a bracelet stack? Reference that with this elegant bridal bracelet, with its timeless botanical design.

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Step 2: Take Your Wedding Dress Neckline into Account

If you want to wear a bridal necklace, you don't want it to compete for attention with the neckline of your dress - and at the same time, you don't want your carefully chosen necklace to get lost. It's about finding a balance. 

While the shape of the neckline does play a part, what's most important here is actually the fabric.  

If your neckline is embellished, whether with sequins, beading or lace, it's generally better to choose a shorter chain. That means your necklace won't rest on the fabric and get lost or clash with the sparkle or the pattern of the lace. 

Of course, if you're wearing a high-neck embellished wedding dress, that isn't an option. We'd recommend choosing a statement style in the same metallic as the beading, or with a similar shape to the lace pattern (for example, floral or geometric), so it stands out while still feeling like part of a cohesive look.

A plainer fabric gives you more options when it comes to necklaces - both pared-back pieces and statement designs will work, depending on the bridal look you want to achieve.

Silver Plated Cubic Zirconia Floral Tennis Necklace – £50

Sparkling short necklace

There are some necklaces that suit pretty much any neckline - like this glorious tennis necklace. We can see it against a Bardot neckline as easily as against a sophisticated high neck. 

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Silver Plated Pave Wave Leaf Collar Necklace – £40

Sparkling collar necklace

This delicately pretty necklace will be at its best against a neckline of tulle, silk chiffon or any similarly light and pretty fabric.

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Silver Plated Cubic Zirconia Graduated Tennis Necklace - £50

Slim chain of crystals

This refined tennis necklace deserves space to shine - we'd pair it with a low-neck or off-the-shoulder wedding dress for maximum effect.

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Silver Plated Clear Cubic Zirconia Graduated Pear Y Drop Short Pendant Necklace - £60

Silver Plated Clear Cubic Zirconia Graduated Pear Y Drop Short Pendant Necklace

This delicate peardrop pendant necklace would complement a V-neck dress perfectly. It will balance out the space between your neck and the plunge and can also work for sweetheart necklines.

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Silver Plated Cubic Zirconia Leaf Necklace – £70

Sparkling leaf necklace chain

Wearing a sparkling wedding dress and want to add some extra dazzle? You need to check out this leaf necklace - it's strong enough to stand out while picking up on the sparkle of your gown.

At the same time, you could also wear it to add glamour to a minimalist dress.

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Step 3: Lock in Your Hairstyle

It's not impossible to shop for wedding jewellery if you haven't chosen your bridal hairstyle - but it will really help if you have.

That's because your jewellery needs to work with any hair accessories you're having, for a cohesive overall look.

And if you're a long-haired bride who's planning to wear earrings, you need to decide whether you're having it up or down (or half-up, half-down!) to determine the style.

Silver Plated Cubic Zirconia Pave Stud Earring – £16

Sparkling round stud earrings

Of course, if you have long hair and want to wear studs, you can - it just means they won't be as noticeable. To let a pair like these sparkling studs really stand out, wear them with an updo.

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Rhodium Plated Floral And Baguette Cubic Zirconia Earrings – £30

Floral sparkling earrings

These floral beauties will look glorious with any bridal hairstyle: up, down, long, short or mid! At a drop of 57mm, they'll stand out without overwhelming other elements of your look.

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Lila Silver Floral Crystal And Pearl Hair Vine – £65

Bride with long brown hair wearing a loose fishtail plait decorated with a sparkling floral hair vine

Hair accessories are the easy way to elevate your look, and this silver floral hair vine is a perfect example. We love the mixture of pearl and crystal for sparkle with sophistication.

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Step 4: Consider Your Metallics

For a long time, there was a sort of fashion rule that you couldn't wear different metallics together. It was supposed to be all silver, yellow gold or rose gold, and no mixing. What this meant for brides was the belief that they had to wear wedding jewellery in the same metallic as their wedding and engagement rings, even if that wasn't how they pictured their overall look.

That's not the case nowadays - the quickest of glances at a stylish influencer's Insta grid shows that mixing up your metallics can look very current.

It's all about what kind of bridal style you choose. For classic and sophisticated, choose one metallic and stay with it throughout your wedding jewellery - plus some sparkle, if that's your thing.

If your overall look is something altogether more carefree and boho, mix it up!

Silver Plated Double Pave Halo Peardrop Earring – £20

Sparkling silver peardrop earrings

We love the fresh silver of these peardrop earrings - it really suits the regal design.

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Gold Fine Pave Tennis Multidrop Earring – £20

Gold statement earrings with crystals

We love the combination of gold and sparkle in these earrings. They're versatile enough to suit a range of bridal styles, from refined to glamorous.

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Simply Silver Sterling Silver 925 Beaded Edge Personalised Heart Pendant – £32

Silver heart-shaped pendant

Heart-shaped jewellery always feels wedding-appropriate, and this engravable silver pendant is a lovely choice. It's the kind of piece you can wear again to remind you of your wedding day.

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Step 5: Look at Bridal Sets

Think the classic pulled-together look is for you? Rather than trying to match up earrings with necklaces, you might find it easier to buy a set, for that harmonious feel. After all, they're specifically designed to work together.

Silver Plated Clear Crystal Infinity Matching Set – £25

Round sparkling earrings and necklace with round sparkling pendant

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For more beautiful bridal jewellery, as well as gifts for your wedding party, go to