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The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

The queen of coconut oil Lucy Bee talks about how this raw and organic oil can kick-start your bridal beauty regime and a healthy diet

You’ve heard all the hype about how great embracing coconut oil into your diet can be but did you know when it comes to the best beauty products, coconut oil is a must. Here in the Hitched office we are big coconut oil fans and we were so excited to get the chance to talk to Lucy Bee, Co-Founder of Lucy Bee Organic Raw Coconut Oil as she talks through the benefits of coconut oil.

Lucy is a CIBTAC qualified beauty therapist with a passion for healthy living and eating foods close to nature. Diagnosed as a coeliac at a young age, eating a well-balanced, healthy diet has always been important and has become the driving force behind the company. Take a look at Lucy shares her tips and advice about how you can bring coconut oil into your health and beauty regime as well as making it part of a healthy diet:


Lucy explains – “For all you blushing brides out there here are 10 ways you can incorporate one pot of delicious coconut oil goodness into and around your big day.

“It’s all about the wedding prep. Once the save the dates and invites are sent out, the dress is sorted, the flowers picked, the right napkins chosen, it’s then time to turn all your attention to feeling and looking your best for the big day.”

Used as a Hair Mask

Styled up or down you still want your luscious locks looking healthy and glossy as you walk down the aisle. Coconut oil is great for hair and, when massaged into your scalp, penetrates the hair follicles. Do this twice a week, if possible, for best results. Leave on for as long as possible too – you can even sleep with it in then wash it out in the morning, using two shampoos and a conditioner.

Applied for Exfoliation

Goodbye dry, dull skin and hello smooth, glowing skin! Mix equal amounts of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil with Epsom salts for an incredible body scrub which not only gets rid of dead skin cells, it also helps to remove toxins and the appearance of cellulite. It also leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished afterwards.


Swap Your Shaving Cream

Swap your normal shaving cream for coconut oil. Once you try it you won’t want to go back. It leaves your skin feeling extra moisturised! If you prefer going to the salon for waxing, take your Lucy Bee along with you and massage onto your skin afterwards – it’s high in vitamin E and lauric acid, which is antibacterial and antifungal making it the perfect oil to help with any irritation or soreness.

Perfect for Oil Pulling

Sparking pearly whites to match your beautiful white dress are a must on the big day – think of all those photos! You can achieve this with oil pulling, an old remedy used that helps with general oral hygiene. It helps to make your gums stronger, while getting rid of toxins in the mouth. Many people comment that they’ve seen an improvement in the whiteness of their teeth from this. Another great tip is using Lucy Bee and Bicarbonate soda mixed together in equal parts as a toothpaste. It has an unusual taste but bear with it – the benefits are incredible!

A Gentle Makeup Remover

Coconut oil makes a fantastic make-up remover. Whoever would have thought that the same jar of Lucy Bee you used that morning to cook breakfast with can be used that evening to take off your make-up (even waterproof mascara!) Apply a small amount over your face, as you would a cleanser, and over the eyes, massaging into the lashes. Wipe away with warm water. A little extra tip, add a little more oil afterwards to your lashes to help nourish them.


A Soothing After Sun

Don’t forget to take your Lucy Bee on honeymoon – it makes a fabulous after sun soother for sun-kissed skin.

Soothe Stretch Marks

Coconut oil is great for smoothing stretch marks so perfect for applying to your skin every day to keep it super smooth.

A Delicious Breakfast

Your pre-wedding breakfast is all important. To get in your good fats this breakfast is one that I find very soothing on the stomach with no bloating! I am not a nutritionist but this is a real winner for me. Two/three eggs (depending on how hungry you are) made into scrambled eggs, with a teaspoon of Lucy Bee. Serve with half a mashed up avocado and topped with crumbled feta, lime juice and chilli flakes. Simply delicious. Recommended with a glass of champagne of course!

Replace Your Cooking Oils

Coconut oil is a natural replacement for processed oils in all your recipes and remember that a little goes a long way!


A Super Smoothie

Try to avoid too much sugar in smoothies as it can make you bloated and spike sugar levels which can end up leaving you feeling sluggish and craving more food. A go to smoothie that I am a little bit obsessed with at the moment is this:

2 cardamom pods
1 banana
1tsp bee pollen
1 tsp maca powder
200ml almond milk
1 tbsp flaxseed

For more advice on kick-starting your bridal beauty reigime our bridal beauty section is here to help.