Top Tips for Pre-wedding Weight Loss

Top tips for pre-wedding weight loss


Losing weight for your wedding should be a gradual process if you want to look radiant as you walk down the aisle.

In the run-up to the big day, brides will have plenty on their minds when it comes to organising wedding favours, sending out invitations and deciding what kind of delicious food they are going to enjoy at the reception.

All this stress and rushing about means it can be easy to let a diet plan slip and grab ready meals or a quick bite to eat while on the way to an appointment with a hairdresser or vicar.

But, if you want to feel confident as you walk down the aisle and fit into that dream wedding dress you’ve had your eye on for months, you need to be strong and consider weight-loss and dieting to be a gradual activity that will provide long-term results.

For many of you, the temptation may be to go on a crash diet as the occasion approaches and go all-out to shift those few extra pounds.

But be warned, because as the Telegraph points out, this will often result in you putting the weight straight back on again and you’ll soon be looking at your wedding photographs and wondering what’s happened.

Crash dieting can also bring on skin problems and increase your stress levels, which you definitely don’t need if you’re planning a wedding.

Instead, the newspaper recommends taking a moderate approach by eating a fresh and healthy diet of fruit and vegetables combined with plenty of water.

Also, why not use this as the perfect incentive to give up smoking or cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink? You might miss the occasional glass of wine with your dinner in the evenings, but you’ll feel great when you’re sipping champagne in your gorgeous wedding dress.

“This will help you to lose weight as well as promoting a healthy, glowing complexion and giving your hair extra shine,” the publication continues. “Plus it’ll boost your energy levels so you’ll be better equipped to tackle the rest of the wedding planning.”

Of course, losing weight isn’t just about cutting calories — you also need to grab your trainers and head to the gym for a bit of exercise.

This doesn’t have to be an intensive workout every night — after all, running around like a headless chicken as you organise the event is bound to get your heart rate going as well — but 20 minutes three times a week could really help.

Most of us have got something about our body we’re not so keen on and if yours is your muffin tops, diet and movement specialist Joanna Hall says that you need to combine sit-ups with cardiovascular activity to see a difference.

She advised that “you do need to have an element of cardiovascular exercise to actually reduce visceral fat, but secondly many people don’t get results from their sit-ups anyway because their technique is wrong”.

With this in mind, it may be worth asking for some advice from a gym instructor to really fight the flab and have the figure you’re after when you say “I do”.


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