Period Products: The Most Reliable Period Products For Your Wedding Day

Time of the month? We know the feeling - but it doesn't have to ruin your wedding day or honeymoon

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The Best Period Products

There’s no worse time for your period to show up than when a hundred people are watching you walk down the aisle in a white dress.


Although there are ways to delay your period, it might simply be unavoidable and you need some reliable period products that will see you through without leaks, bulkiness or discomfort.

Even if you plan your wedding date around your period tracking app, Mother Natures sometimes like to throw in a surprise – in which case having a trustworthy back-up in your wedding day kit is essential.

From the best menstrual cups to eco-friendly tampons, from heat relief pads you can fit under your dress to comforting essential oils, these period products could save the day (or at least a fair whack of embarrassment and a hefty dry cleaning bill).

The most important thing is that you feel your very best on your wedding day, and these period heroes will do just that.

The Best Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicone and inserted into the vagina to collect blood for up to 12 hours. If you don’t want to have to think about changing a tampon, you can put in a menstrual cup and forget about it.

It might seem odd and a little messy at first, but they’re environmentally-friendly and once you’ve got insertion down, you’ll never notice it’s there.  Anecdotally, menstrual cups are said to even help alleviate cramps – a bonus side effect. Here are the best menstrual cups.

Mooncup – From £18.99

Mooncups are the best known menstrual cup and come in two different sizes, depending on whether you’ve had children or not. The cup comes with a 21mm long stem which you can trim down for easy insertion and removal. You can buy them from Boots and health shops too but Amazon has them the cheapest.

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The Diva Cup – £24

With up to 12 hours’ leak-free wear from the Diva Cup, you can put it in at the beginning of your wedding day or on honeymoon and there’s no need to change when you’re 3ft deep in tulle. This cup comes in three sizes so is great if other brands feel slightly too big/small.

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Intimina Lily Cup – £24.95

The unique shape of this menstrual cup is ideal for women with a high cervix or heavy flow. The Intimina Lily Cup claims to be the only cup that rolls up as thin as a tampon – great if you’re a newbie to insertion – and has a no-spill rim to completely get rid of any worries.

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Lunette Cup – £21.01

Not only are Finnish-made Lunette cups convenient, ecological and economical, they’ll make your feel pretty darn good too. The mostly female-run company frequently donate profits to charity and are the only cup that has passed the stringent Danish chemical safety test, making it very safe to use. P.S. they have a very cool Monki-designed one.

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Lena Cup – £32.90

This Lena two-pack comes with two brightly coloured cups: one for lighter flow days and a larger one for heavy flow. They’re perfect for anyone who’s new to this or needs a more petite size as the smaller one is great to learn with. The bright colours mean there’s less signs of discolouration; it’s easy to clean; and comes in a cute pouch.

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OrganiCup is one of the fastest-growing menstrual cup brands. It’s made with medical-grade silicione and has won an AllergyAward 2019, meaning it doesn’t contain any known allergens. Holding three tampon’s worth of liquid and designed to last for years, it’s truly economical. Doesn’t hurt that they run awareness projects with NGOs too.

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FLEX Menstrual Disc – £13/month

Ok, the FLEX disc isn’t actually a cup, but it does a similar job. Instead it’s a disposable flexible disc which lasts 12 hours and sits high up in the vaginal canal where it can’t be felt. The benefit of the FLEX is that you can wear it during sex for completely mess-free fun, and it’s not linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome like tampons. 70% of users said it reduced cramps. FLEX is delivered straight to your door from £40 for three months’ supply.

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The Best Period Pants

Period underwear is a new revolution in dealing with the dreaded Auntie Flow. Coming in diverse styles, these period-proof pants absorb your blood, keeping you clean and dry. Period pants mean you can do away with pads, tampons, liners, and cups, or wear them too for extra protection.

Thinx Period Pants – From £20.40

Thinx are washable, reusable pants that are far more sustainable than single-use tampons. Their signature four-layer technology includes breathable cotton to draw away wetness and dry fast, plus odour control and an absorbent layer that can hold up to four tampons’ worth.  Styles include boy shorts, thongs, briefs, even activewear.

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Wuka Pants – From £19.99

Wuka pants are vegan-approved, and made from luxurious, soft and stretchy MicroModal fabric that is CO2 neutral and 3.5 times softer than fine cotton. Basically, they feel amazing, look like cool activewear and are great for the environment. Winner. They aren’t bulky at all, and are great for wearing while running.

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Pretty Clever Pants – £12.99

Pretty Clever Pants are designed by TV presenter Carol Smilie. They look and feel like regular underwear with a secret patented, triple-leakproof layer. They work for everything from helping your feel confident with leaks on your period to bladder weakness. Get them in a range of five colours.

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Cheeky Wipes Pants – From £8

Cheeky Wipes are well-known for their reusable cloth sanitary pads, makeup removal pads and baby wipes. They also have an amazing range of cute period pants that are actually pretty sexy, like ones with lace bands and cut-outs. The bamboo and minky cloth pads are also pretty awesome too!

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The Best Sanitary Products

Not sold on a menstrual cup? Here’s a few eco-friendly, reliable alternatives that might at least ease the worry of all the plastic that’s left with traditional period products.

Callaly Tampliner – £4-8/month

This innovative design (invented by a gynaecologist) combines a high-quality, hypoallergenic, organic tampon with a soft mini-liner that nestles comfortably in the contours of your body. It’s mess-free from start to finish with an applicator that then wraps the tampon on the way out. The Callaly subscription service allows you to choose your mix of absorbency and how often you’d like them delivered. It’s super comfortable, with no chance of leaks, and biodegradable. Their first range is sold out but new products are coming soon.

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Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator – £24.99

Billions of un-recyclable plastic applicators get thrown away every year. In comes Dame, the world’s first reusable tampon applicator that can save up to 12,000 bits of disposable plastic. Made from medical-grade, plastic-free Mediprene, it’s safe and hygienic, with natural sterilisers and an ergonomic design. Plus it comes with organic tampons. If you’re worried about TSS, this is excellent.

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EarthwiseGirls Cloth Sanitary Pads – From £4

Coming in bright, colourful designs that won’t show up any staining, these cotton cloth pads are brilliant for the environment and your pocket. They claim that over five years you could save yourself as much as £470 versus disposable products. For every three Earthwise products sold, one is donated to an orphaned girl in Kenya. They don’t have any different absorption powers to normal sanitary towels, but they’re worth looking into as a swap.

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The Best Period Relief Products

If you can’t help your period coinciding with your wedding or honeymoon, there’s products out there that can at least ease and keep track of the pain and symptoms, from heat pads to essential oils.

Cura Heat Period Pain Pads – £3.99

Heat pads for period pain are not a new concept. These stick-on ones that go on your back or stomach, however, are so thin and discreet, you can wear them under your wedding dress (although ideally not a skintight one). The Cura Heat pads offer 12 hours of temporary, targeted relief – try across your lower back or stomach if you’ve got cramps or aches.

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Clue Period Tracking App – Free

A really easy-to-use app to track when your period is due, Clue allows you to log the heaviness of your flow, PMS symptoms, pain, mood, when you’ve had sex, what sanitary products you’re using and more. It gives you a really accurate summary of your whole cycle and shows you when you can expect your period up to three months in advance. Great if you’re planning a honeymoon around it.

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Bellabeat Leaf Urban – £100

This wellness tracker is so pretty you can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or clip on your clothes – you won’t need to hide it. As well as reproductive health, the Bellabeat tracks activity, sleep, stress, and meditation. If you want to invest in your overall health as well as helping monitor your periods and ovulation, this is essential.

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Essential Oils – £15.50

Essential oils can help ease menstrual cramps, boost your mood and clear your mind. The best-known of these are lavender oil – which is proven to reduce cramps when inhaled – and clary sage – which is an antispasmodic agent. Others include rose, geranium, cinnamon oil and patchouli. Lots of these can be found in Neal’s Yard’s Women’s Balance Aromatherapy Blend.

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Dark Chocolate – 89p

If all else fails, chocolate. A little dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa can actually help with period pains. It can relax your muscles, boost your mood, and contains beneficial magnesium, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. While eating a whole family bar of Dairy Milk isn’t as scientifically proven to help reduce period cramps, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest chocolate can give you a mental and psychological boost. Always helpful if you’re mixing PMS with wedding stress. Green and Black’s 70% is smooth enough even for people who don’t like dark choc.

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With these brilliant period products, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in one of these amazing bridal bikinis.