A Stunning Chateau Wedding in the Champagne Region of France with a Sinhalese Buddhist Ceremony

Personal touches, French country glamour and Buddhist traditions combined to make Michael and Héshàn's day truly unique

Michael and Héshàn - French Chateau Wedding

A last-minute change of plans led to the start of Michael and Héshàn’s nine-year romance, culminating in one of the most stunning outdoor weddings Hitched has ever seen.


From the chateau in the Champagne region of France to the traditional Sinhalese Buddhist ceremony and the petal and macaron-encrusted cake complete with Bert and Ernie topper, we’re head over heels for every detail of this special day.

Michael and Héshàn crossed paths during their days at university in Perth, Western Australia, but it wasn’t until a friend of Héshàn’s invited him along to a party that the pair got talking. “I just finished university and Michael was still completing his degree. I was volunteering at a centre for children with autism close to the university and it was orientation day at UWA (our university). There was a big party going on and my best friend invited me to join. I’ve seen Michael around, but we never really spoke. At this party we got some time to chat and there was a connection.

“Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I was meeting a friend in the city for drinks. As I was literally getting on the bus, I got a text from my friend asking for a raincheck. I had to make a split-second choice if I was going to go home or go back to the party. I got off the bus and went back to the party because I was sure I could hook up with this ‘guy’ Michael. That was more than nine years ago, and we’ve been together ever since.”