Father Daughter Dance Songs

The father daughter dance is a moment shared by the father of the bride and his daughter during the early stages of a wedding reception party.

  • 1
    The Hit Crew
    From 109 votes
  • 2
    Katey Sagal
    From 60 votes
  • 3
    CĂ©line Dion
    From 37 votes
  • 4
    Stevie Wonder
    From 35 votes
  • 5
    Phil Collins
    From 28 votes
  • 6
    Josh Groban
    From 25 votes
  • 7
    Eric Clapton
    From 22 votes
  • 8
    Bob Carlisle
    From 21 votes
  • 9
    Tim McGraw
    From 21 votes
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    Pachelbel Orchestra
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    From 473 votes
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    Charlene Soraia
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    Etta James
    From 306 votes
After the newlywed bride and groom have danced for the first time in front of their guests, a tradition which is becoming more popular here in the UK is for the father of the bride and his daughter to share a dance. This dance, which is typically known as the father daughter dance, is a sentimental moment, usually watched by all of the wedding guests. Sometimes it is even followed by a dance shared by the mother of the groom and her son. The song choice for the father daughter dance is generally chosen prior to the wedding date and given to the band or DJ so that they are aware of what to play. A song that reminds the bride of her childhood or a family favourite could be appropriate for this very special father daughter dance. The father daughter dance is a great photo opportunity and will be a memory shared by close families for years to come.