A best friend, a school friend, a sister, cousin or mentor; Bridesmaids will play an important role in your day, so how can you get the best from the lovely ladies that you have chosen to be by your side?

Brides need bridesmaids for lots of different things — Support, honest opinions, organisation, memories, and assistance to name a few. Your wedding ‘to do’ list will probably be about a mile long, so choosing bridesmaids with particular strengths might reduce the amount of stress that wedding planning might cause you. A bridesmaid with strong organisational skills will be able to help you decipher the areas where you might have a few frustrations, and a bridesmaid with a crazy streak might come up with a great idea for your hen party. You know your friends the best, so choose bridesmaids who you feel will give your wedding that extra lift.

Your bridesmaids will be there to support you through thick and thin, so don’t be afraid to ask them to help you with even the smallest of things. Whether you have one bridesmaid or 10 they have all agreed to be a special part of your day and will be happy to have been invited into your wedding plans.

Top Tips from hitched.co.uk

There is no rule on how many bridesmaids a wedding should have so don’t stress if only want to ask 1 friend to do the honour.

If you aren’t sure on who to ask regarding readings at the ceremony, bridesmaids are always an option.

Don’t forget to add ‘gift for bridesmaids’ on to your budget. You will want to thank them during the speeches for all of their hard work.