How to Decorate Your Autumn Wedding

Celebrate autumn with a themed wedding ceremony - we've got tips and ideas on how to enhance your decor to suit the time of year


Some of you may dream of a big, extravagant ceremony with wedding flowers galore, a huge cake and a large guest list when it comes to your nuptials.

But, if you’re tying the knot in an autumnal-themed ceremony this year, it may be that you choose to follow the trend for smaller, personalised affairs with a low-key and intimate feel.

According to one expert, many of you are increasingly trying to do something creative with your celebration and really make it your own, especially if it comes to celebrating the falling leaves and crisp skies of September and October.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Jennifer Borgh, a wedding planner based in the Canadian city and owner of Jennifer Borgh Events, explained items and decorations associated with the time of year are the ideal way to spruce up a wedding venue.

Whether it is carved pumpkins, crispy foliage, bowls of apples or bright yellow sunflowers, they all brighten a room and capture the essence of the season. Table decorations can also be personalised in a similar way and you can be inventive with coloured card to cut out shapes and make individual place names.

And if you really want to embrace autumn, you can even go so far as to use seasonal ingredients in the delicious meal you serve your friends and family at the reception.

“Try serving butternut squash soup, pumpkin cheesecake or spice cake. And as gifts, hand out tiny apple or pumpkin pies with the bride and groom’s initials on top,” the news provider states.

Ms Borgh continues: “For a fall wedding, try candy apples dipped in caramel or cake pops, a hybrid brownie/lollipop that are the perfect bite-sized dessert and can be dipped to match the wedding colours. Skip the trinkets as guest favours and try something edible or a donation to a charity.”

So how else can you capture the time of year and create a truly unique event? Well, Ms Borgh thinks you should not shy away from carrying the theme through into the clothing worn by the wedding party.

Sophistication can be achieved by using sashes in shades of orange, green and brown to complement the cummerbunds worn by your husband-to-be and his best man. You can then echo these tones with the wedding flowers and even the napkins, tablecloths, candles and table centrepieces as you make your speeches following the vows.

Of course, there can’t be many of you that will want to sacrifice the opportunity to wear a stunning white gown on one of the most important days of your life, but why not add a pair of coloured shoes or a clutch bag? Remember, gold is an autumnal shade as well and an easier tone to incorporate if you’re a little afraid of the brighter colours.

One of the other benefits of tying the knot during the colder months is that it can often save you money. As the Gainsborough Standard explained, you can save thousands on wedding venues, food, drink and transport when winter arrives.

If that’s not another reason to consider a themed October or November wedding, we don't know what is.


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