I’m sure you didn’t have a problem in December making your list for Santa, organising all of the lunches, dinners and drinks with friends that arise over the festive period or buying all of those lovely Christmas presents for your H2B. If however you are all planned out from Christmas and your New Years resolution is to start organising your wedding, we might have a couple of planning suggestions to help get you started.

Like the rest of us you have probably overspent this Christmas, but whether you are at the beginning, middle, or nearing the end of your wedding planning there is still time to re-organise your pennies. Creating a budget at any stage of your wedding planning will help tie things together and give you an idea of where you can go crazy, and where you need to cut back. A budget planner will guide you through every stage of your wedding planning, and with all the goings on in the economy right now, the skills you will learn from your wedding budgeting might even help you out with your general day to day life style after you are married and in the future.

You probably make one at work on a daily or weekly basis, and they are great for making the most out of your days off, but have you made an official ‘to do’ list for your wedding? Like a budget planner, a ‘to do’ list will keep you organised and on track with the ins and outs of your wedding planning from the largest tick box, like your dress, to the smallest of chores. If you aren’t sure where to start with your list, or  think that you might have left something out, hitched.co.uk has a fantastic to-do list tool which guides you through every step of your wedding planning, no matter how far along the process you are. Updates can be sent directly to your email, as often as you request, and your list will make sure that nothing is forgotten about, even down to the very last detail.

One of the most stressful and time consuming parts of wedding planning that brides-to-be talk about a lot on the hitched.co.uk forum is, the bridesmaids. In the past we have touched on how to choose your bridesmaids, so hopefully the next piece of advice will try and help you organise them. Choosing bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and accessories will be easier if they are all with you. You can co-ordinate their look, even if they can’t all agree on the same length of dress or height of heel. Planning ahead with the girls will give you plenty of time to make adjustments, make sure everyone is happy and organised for the day and will give you extra time to focus on yourself.

Top tips from hitched.co.uk

  • Work out your budget sooner rather than later in order to spread the spending
  • A ‘to do’ list will keep your planning in order
  • Include your bridesmaids in your planning, especially when it comes down to their dresses.