Don’t Tell The Bride Wedding Cancelled for the First Time in History

The pair have been left “heartbroken” after producers called off their wedding… but for what reason?

Chanise and Yanis

A couple have been left “heartbroken” after their Don’t Tell The Bride wedding was cancelled.


This is the first time in history that one of the programme’s weddings has been called off.

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Image: E4

Yanis and Shanise from Birmingham appeared on Sunday night’s episode of the E4 show, which sees the groom oversee the entirety of the wedding planning.

However, mid-planning, Shanise’s friend let slip that she knew where the pair were set to get married.

Producers became suspicious as the bridal party did know they were going abroad, but shouldn’t have known to where.

Eventually groom Yanis confessed that his bride-to-be had been going through his emails to find out information about the wedding.

Producers were forced to tell the groom that he’d have to cancel the entire wedding for the first time in the show’s history, because they’d broken the rules.


Image: E4

Yanis had planned to say ‘I do’ to Shanise in Paris, before flying back to the UK for a reception party with their friends and family.

But due to his tight budget, he’d have only been able to afford to fly 13 guests to the ceremony.

Yanis decided that Shanise’s ten-year-old brother Chris wasn’t a priority, but quickly had a change of heart. Within minutes, he announced that Chris would be attending the ceremony after all, and his quick decision prompted his friend to ask what had suddenly changed his mind.

He said: “I didn’t put him as a major – but he is, because he’s family.”

With Chris attending the wedding, Yanis needed to drop one of the original wedding ceremony guests. He rang bridesmaid Melissa to tell her that she was no longer invited to the wedding ceremony, because her flight could not be covered.

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Image: E4

Shanise was unsurprisingly angry. She said: “He’s had £13,000 – where’s the money gone? Can’t people pay for their own flights?”

Melissa replied: “Well, if they don’t know where they’re going…”

At this point, Shanise’s second bridesmaid Kayla slipped up. She said: “The only thing is, he’s booked it in Paris.”

Shanise quickly tried to cover up her friend’s mistake, asking: “How do we know it’s Paris? I don’t get it.”


Image: E4

The bridesmaids later visited Yanis’ house for what they thought was a dress fitting, but they were stopped by the producer mid-way through.

The producer announced: “Okay guys I’m going stop you there. We normally would do a bridesmaids reveal but it’s come to our attention that the secret appears to be out and the bridal party know about some of the plans for the wedding.”

After immediate denial, Kayla eventually admitted to the producers that they did know the wedding plans.

Yanis said: “Shanise got access to my iPad with my emails in there. So technically the bride wasn’t told – she found out through email.”

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Image: E4

Yanis had to ring his distraught bride and break the bad news. He said: “It’s not good… it’s not going ahead.”

Shanise asked: “What the hell – what happens now? I need to know – is there a wedding or not?”

After bursting into tears, Shanise was handed over to the producers. They said: “I know this is difficult but the rules have been broken and we are going to have to cancel the wedding.”


Image: E4

At the end of the show, viewers saw Shanise and Yanis reflect on the cancellation of their wedding a week later.

Shanise said: “The last couple of days have been quite difficult. The first night – although we had each other – it was like ‘what is happening?’”

She added: “It was very heartbreaking.”

Yanis said: “I try not to think about it. I’m trying to detach myself from the whole situation and what’s happened.

“I understand what Shanise did…I don’t agree with it. It wasn’t the right thing to do.”

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