Bride Left Devastated After Bridesmaid Shares Photo of Her Dress on Facebook

Would you let it go or uninvite her from the wedding? It’s a tricky one…


A bride-to-be has been left devastated after her bridesmaid shared a photo of her wedding dress on Facebook and tagged her fiancé.


The bride took to Mumsnet to share her fury, explaining that it had taken her a very long time to find “the one”.

The bride admitted she is very body conscious and anxious, but after weeks of searching, had finally found the wedding dress for her. She went for her final fitting and took one of her bridesmaids along to share what should’ve been a lovely experience.

Woman skeptical of friend's new dress

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She said: “After finishing the appointment and getting home I saw that she had already posted a photo of me in the dress on Facebook (during the appointment, so it had already been an hour or two when I saw it) and tagged my partner in it saying she bets he couldn’t wait to marry me and how lovely my dress is.”

“When I asked her to remove it, her response was ‘it doesn’t matter if he’s seen it he’s a man so he will have forgotten what it looks like in 5 minutes’ time’.

“My dad had also seen it as well and it was going to be a surprise for him on the day too”, the bride wrote, pleading with the internet for advice.

She continued: “I just don’t know what to do or how to feel! I am so gutted that it now won’t be a surprise to my partner or dad. She knew how much that meant to me and the only thing I had asked for was that details of how I will look on the day were kept a surprise from my dad and my partner.”


Image: Mumsnet

The distraught bride concluded her post by explaining that she paid for her wedding dress in instalments. The gown is now fully paid for, meaning she won’t have the time or money to get another one.

Lots of Mumsnet users have rushed to support to the bride, and everyone seemed in unanimous agreement that it wasn’t at all unreasonable to be upset.


One wrote: “She’s a massive b**ch or a complete idiot. I’d be furious and you are not unreasonable in the slightest! Did she take it down? If not report the image.”

Another agreed: “I would be furious! I’d be seriously considering if she would be coming to the wedding.”

This user was not alone in suggesting the bride should uninvite her from the wedding. One user wrote: “I’m sorry but she should not be your friend or bridesmaid – I can’t believe someone would do that. Your dress is your secret until the day of the wedding. Do you think maybe she is jealous that you are getting married? Because there really is no excuse for posting and tagging your dress on Facebook.”


What do you think? Would you ditch the bridesmaid or would you brush it under the carpet and try to enjoy your day? Let us know!