Furious Bridesmaid Invoices Bride £1,300 for Leaving Hen Do Early

We can't believe this!

Furious Bridesmaid Invoices Bride

Wedding guests are always looking for ways to save money. After all, attending a wedding is far from cheap.


You’ve not only got the wedding guest dress to pay for, but often accommodation, transport and a wedding gift too! Not forgetting the stag and hen parties…

So if someone ruins that expensive hen party, you want them to pay you back, right? One unnamed bride in America found out in the most savage way that the bride is no exception to that rule after she “ruined” her own bachelorette weekend in Maryland.

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The hen party experience was far from cheerful because the bride “acted like a complete Bridezilla the entire time”.

In fact, she behaved so badly that one of her bridesmaids took to a Facebook page for mums to share what happened. And we’re not surprised its gone viral.

She said of the bride: “She was miserable, every little thing set her off, she complained about her shoes hurting, she freaked out about every little thing and made the weekend just unbearable.

“She ruined the entire weekend with her selfish attitude and materialistic views.”

Although few specifics are detailed, it seems as though the final straw came when the bride compared leaving her dog at home to the bridesmaid leaving her children.

The post continued: “For me, the last straw was when I told her we all spent a lot of money to be there and I left my two little kids at home to be there with her for the weekend. She told me she made sacrifices too and left her fiancé and dog at home.

“I could not believe she compared leaving her dog to me leaving my two toddlers.”

The bridesmaid concluded her post by stating that the bride had left the trip at 3am as a result of their sour words, leaving her bridal party stranded in another state. Not ideal.

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Instead of letting it drop for the sake of salvaging their friendship, the bridesmaid decided to send the bride an itemised invoice for everything she’d spent on the wedding so far… right down to a £4.15 bridal party sash.

The entire bill totaled £1,343.66, which included a £37 per hour charge for the bridesmaid’s time when she helped set up the bridal shower. Ouch.

Oh – and we haven’t got to the most shocking part yet.

At the bottom of the invoice was one final item: “Bride to be ruining everyone’s weekend with her miserable attitude, self-centred and materialistic views – priceless”. This bridesmaid didn’t do things by halves, did she?

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Although we’re not sure of the bride’s reaction to her whopping bill, we think it’s safe to say she has one less guest to worry about when the big day rolls around.


What do you think of the way the bride behaved at her hen do? And more importantly… what do you think to the bridesmaid’s reaction? Get in touch and let us know!