15 Reasons Why Chris From Love Island is Husband Material

We've totally fallen in love with the villa's West Country farmer and so has the nation. This is why he'd make the perfect husband...


If there’s one good thing that’s come out of 2017 it has to be this year’s series of Love Island.


It’s totally taken over our lives and one contestant that has really stood out is Mr Chris Hughes. Having written articles like ’13 Signs He’s Husband Material’ we know what it takes to be a perfect partner and Chris definitely has what it takes!

Here’s why we love him so much…

He’s Great to Look At

Having a good body isn’t everything in a relationship, but Chris Hughes winning ‘The Whole Package’ challenge definitely impressed us at Hitched HQ. Not only is he the world’s nicest guy, but he looks like a dream too. It’s a ‘yes’ from us Chris.

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He Makes Sweet, Sweet Music

Our hearts absolutely melted, again, when Chris begged Marcel and Kem to let him in on the ‘Little Bit Leave It’ rap performance. It felt like he knew his one sole purpose in the villa was to make the next biggest rap hit with his best buds and that’s exactly what happened.

No one was happier than us when we saw our favourite boy make his debut as the UK’s best West Country rapper. Who needs a partner who can sing when you can have a partner who can rap?

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He’s Amazing at Food Shopping

Not only did Chris fully take the role of number one food shopper seriously (very important in a marriage) but he began the shop by opening the door for his flame Olivia, uttering the words “after you sweat pea” – Chris stop…you are just too cute.

He then suggested spaghetti bolognese for dinner (great choice) and he was happy to let his other half have her own way, which is a great quality in someone you’re going to marry.

He Doesn’t Like Going to Sleep on an Argument

There’s nothing worse than having a tiff with your partner and going to sleep upset. Chris has proved to us all on many occasions that he thinks it’s better to kiss and make-up before bed than to let the argument brew.

This little peace maker is becoming more and more perfect by the minute…

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He Never Gives Up

One thing that really matters in a marriage is dedication to really making it work – no relationship is easy and any good husband or wife will always persevere through the tough times.

Chris telling Olivia how he really feels showed us that he is more than marriage material, he’s more like future King of the world kind of material…we may be overdoing it now!

P.S If you didn’t cry in this scene are you even a real human being?

He Has Great Friends, A.K.A Kem

One of the biggest love affairs we’ve seen this series on Love Island is the adorable bromance that’s blossomed between Chris and Kem. This conversation they had by the pool says it all:

Kem: “If we ended up not coupling up, do you reckon they’d let me and you couple up?”

Chris: “I hope so, I wouldn’t mind coupling up with you!”

This video beats any romcom we’ve ever seen…

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He Brings Out the Best in People

Olivia is a hard nut to crack as we’ve all seen, but the lovely Chris has broken down almost all of her barriers with the fiery contestant recently admitting that he makes her a better and happier person.

Everyone needs a partner who makes them feel like a better version of themselves and seeing Olivia’s transition just proves the kind of guy he is. All hail Chris (again).

He Doesn’t Put His Pride Before His Feelings

When muggy Mike stole Chris’s girl, he showed the maximum level of maturity a person can show. He continued to express his strong feelings for her despite the mugginess that had previously occurred.

Maturity levels like this can only mean one thing, he’s probably ready for marriage.

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He Has a Mischievous Side

Another reason we love Chris is that his mischievous side is also filled with good intentions. His not-so-clever kiss with Olivia was maybe not the best thing he’s done in the villa, but it was done with good intentions to get his one true love back which is all that matters…to us anyway.

This also means he’d be good at keeping his relationship fun, something that will make a marriage last a life time.

He Wants the Best for Everyone

Hearing Chris talk to Jamie about Camilla really showed a good characteristic in him. He was gushing over fellow contestant Camilla, telling Jamie how amazing she is and how much he wanted her to ‘click with someone’ – and she’s done just that.

Camilla plus Jamie equals happy Chris which equals happy Hitched.

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He’s Humble

When rap genius Stormzy appeared on the Love Island screens during KMC’s rehearsal, Chris maintained his humble approach to life offering to give Stormzy a shoutout in their performance – how nice of him.

He also said later on: “He’s a fan of us and we’re a fan of him and we share the love and that’s what we do as peoples” – spoken like a true artist.

There’s nothing more attractive than having a partner who knows he’s great, but also recognises other people’s greatness. Share the love peoples!

Run KMC hit the stage again last night…???? After dishing out some wise words, will @Stormzy1 be proud? #LoveIsland pic.twitter.com/V5fm7hydO5

— Love Island (@LoveIsland) July 21, 2017

His Glitter-Wearing Eye-Smouldering Pose is Everything

If your other half can’t strike a sultry pose for the camera are they even worth marrying?

Ok, that may be a bit harsh, but LOOK AT THAT FACE. He would look super handsome in your wedding day pictures and would photograph so well in all of your #relationshipgoals selfies for Instagram.

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He’s Fully in Touch With His Emotions

When Olivia and Chris theoretically gave birth to baby Cash Hughes (also known as cashews, lol) their relationship grew even further. The nation’s hearts all moulded into one ‘we love Chris’ t-shirt when he shed his precious tears over the new arrival.

Being in touch with your emotions is completely essential in making a relationship work and Chris has done such an great job proving that men and women everywhere should bear no shame for having a little cry.

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Chris the polar bear’s heart has 100% melted ???? #LoveIsland pic.twitter.com/stufZfJwEb

— Love Island (@LoveIsland) July 19, 2017

He’s Going to Make a Great Dad One Day

Fatherhood is something that 100% came naturally to Chris and we all watched as he became more and more perfect as the day of babysitting went on. He made sure baby Cash was fed, watered and kept in the shade at all times.

He was hugged, loved and smothered with affection, just like any child should be.

We officially award ‘The Number 1 Dad’ prize to……you guessed it, Chris.


He’s Chris Hughes!

Having fallen more and more in love with the kindness and good spirit of Chris, we think that the fact he’s Chris Hughes makes him husband material in itself.


Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/chrishughesofficial/

If that isn’t enough to convince you that he has husband potential, we’re not sure what will!


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