10 Things You Go Through when You Marry Someone You Met Online

Read our fun list of ten things every couple who met online is likely to experience as they plan their wedding together!


It’s becoming increasingly common to meet your other half online — around 20% of heterosexual couples and 70% of homosexual couples met online (according to Wired). So we decided to compile a list of 10 things you know to be true when you say ‘I do’ to the internet weirdo you found love with. If you’re an online dating success story, we’d love to feature your big day as a real wedding!


1. The ‘How You Met’ Weirdness

It’s still a bit crazy, when you think back to how you met. Madly swiping left through Tinder when hold on just a second — who is THAT? A quick right swipe and a cheeky message later…you’ve actually found the one. You get a bit cold sweat-y when you think how easily they could have been another left swipe, lost forever.


2. Getting Over Online Dating Suspicions

Admit it — a few years ago you might have judged advocates of online dating. Now, you tell everyone you know to download Match/Uniform Dating/JDate because it worked for you. And when you think about it, it makes sense; you picked your other half because you could see they were just as obsessed with cats and Prosecco. You didn’t have to get to date three to discover — dealbreaker! — they’re ‘more of a dog person’.


3. Online Dating Wedding Themes?

So you met over Twitter and won each other over with charming, witty, 140-character pick-up lines. Can you have a Twitter-blue wedding colour scheme? How does the Twitter Bird look on your invitations? Yeah, it’s probably not the best idea you’ve ever had…

4. The Wedding Speeches

You should definitely thank eHarmony in your wedding speeches. You owe them everything!

5. The Bizarreness of it All

If you’d never downloaded Plenty of Fish, thanks to your best friend’s non-stop nagging, you wouldn’t have a seriously nice ring on your left hand. Weird!

6. The Online Dating Nerves

On the morning of your wedding, you’ll try to ignore the fact you were so nervous before your first date with an internet stranger that you nearly didn’t go!

7. Drunken Wedding Revelations

You have to hope that the maid of honour, in a state of tipsy sentimentality, doesn’t tell your partner (and the rest of the wedding party) just how long the pair of you spent going through their profile pictures and Googling them to decide if they really were date-worthy…


8. More Drunken Wedding Revelations

That is until the best man tells everyone you were known as ‘the hot one from Tinder’ for over SIX months by all their housemates.

9. The ‘Get Out’ Routine

By now the gloves are off…but your other half never needs to know that you had a ‘get out’ plan involving your flat mate/mum/cat just in case they turned out to be an absolute weirdo. Luckily they weren’t so bad, hey?

10. Your Newfound Love of Technology

You actually met your favourite person in the whole world, thanks to technology. And you didn’t even think you liked technology that much. God, it’s actually great.


Considering you probably don’t want a Tinder-themed wedding (although you definitely have to apply to be a real wedding if you do!), why not check out 17 fun ideas for your wedding reception for more ideas and inspiration?