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Diamond Wedding Rings: 17 Stunning Designs That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

If you daydream about having a diamond sparkler on your finger, read on for everything you need to know about this dazzling style of ring

If you love sparkle and have an engagement ring that dazzles, why not choose a wedding ring that has the same effect? Diamond wedding rings are absolutely stunning and are guaranteed to have everyone staring at your ring finger in admiration. If you’re thinking of choosing this type of ring, read on to be inspired by the many types available and for expert advice on looking after your diamonds.

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“A diamond set wedding ring is perfect for any bride who wants something more than the classic plain wedding band,” explains Tim Ingle, who co-founded Ingle & Rhode with David Rhode. “Traditionally, a diamond-set wedding band is meant to be worn as an eternity ring to celebrate an anniversary or the birth of a child – but many of today’s brides are choosing not to wait that long.

“There are a number of different styles to choose from when it comes to the setting of the diamonds,” he continues. “The most popular styles are grain set, round cut, cut down and princess cut.”

To help you choose the perfect design, here is the essential lingo you need to know when looking for diamond wedding rings:

  • Grain set – this traditional technique involves diamonds being set in place with small grains of metal
  • Princess cut – a very popular style, a princess cut diamond is square or rectangular and is usually the shape of an inverted pyramid
  • Cut down – a technique that maximises the size of the diamonds within the ring as there is no edge running along the outside
  • Brilliant cut – the diamond is cut to have numerous facets and a cone shape so that it literally has a ‘brilliant’ sparkle
  • Channel set – a modern technique where smaller diamonds are secured closely together in a row along the band
  • Claw set – the diamonds are held in place by three or four tiny prongs of metal

Now you know how to speak diamond, here are some of our favourite diamond wedding ring designs from some of the top UK jewellers:

Ingle & Rhode

How gorgeous is this yellow gold eternity ring? If this style of gold isn’t your thing, it’s also available in a dreamy rose gold design too.

“This particular ring has been grain set,” explains Tim. “This is the most traditional type of diamond set band.”


“This beautiful ring has been channel set with strips of metal either side of the diamonds,” continues Tim. “This is a contemporary style of diamond ring that gives a clean and simple look.”


We’re in love with the classic and elegant look of this half eternity ring which consists of a platinum band studded with breath-taking diamonds in a cut down style. “Even a really slim ring can be made to sparkle if it’s set in this style.” Says Tim.


If you’re looking for diamond wedding rings with a more subtle appearance, then this beauty will tickle your fancy. The diamonds may be set far apart, but it is still an irresistible design that will really sparkle when it catches the light.


Purely Diamonds

We’re a little bit in love with this glamorous wedding band from Purely Diamonds. It’s the perfect choice if you have a fairly simple engagement band and are looking for a statement sparkler to pair with it.

Emelie Tyler, the Managing Director of Purely Diamonds, explains more about this style: “This striking diamond wedding ring is set with princess cut diamonds in a channel setting, with added sparkle from a smaller set of diamonds on either side. It’s great for woman who like chunkier jewellery and aren’t a fan of rings that look too dainty or small.”


This particular wedding ring is perfect if you like the traditional elegance of a plain wedding band but are also a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkle.

“The plain side of this band should be worn against your engagement ring so that it off-sets the diamonds along the edge,” says Emelie. “This ring would look amazing paired with all styles of claw set engagement rings.”


If you want lots of sparkle with hardly any metal on show then this style of diamond ring is the one you should go for.

“With small claw set diamonds running the whole way around the ring, this creates a glistening band that can be paired up with all different kinds of solitaire engagement rings.” says Emelie.


We fascinated by the beautifully curved shape of this unusual wedding ring which is made of white gold. The crossover design is stunning and lends itself well to the brilliant cut diamonds which are placed in an eye catching claw setting.


77 Diamonds

“Our Vogue eternity ring is a classic diamond wedding band with a sparkling strip of claw set diamonds.” explains David Allen from 77 Diamonds.

Not only do we love the name of this dazzling ring, we’re also picturing how amazing it would look sparkling in the light. The medium width of the band is the perfect base for the closely packed diamonds.


If you’re inspired by all things retro and are planning to incorporate vintage wedding décor into your big day, consider an interesting diamond wedding band with a classic influence such as the Kindrea style.

“With claw set diamonds surrounded by an Edwardian cut down setting the Kindrea wedding band is perfect for those that love vintage styles,” continues David.


The infinity symbol represents everlasting love, so would could be more perfect for your big day than a diamond wedding ring inspired by this shape? The Cleo ring features intertwined infinity bands set with round, brilliant cut diamonds – we love the unique outline of this ring.


Or how about the beautiful Tsarina ring? David tells us more: “Channel set with 0.30ct of round diamonds, the Tsarina ring offers a wonderful brilliance that will beautifully complete your bridal set.”


House of Diamonds

This diamond cluster ring from House of Diamonds is perfect for girly brides with its floral inspired shape. This is a wonderful choice if you like rings with a slim band but still want the luxurious look of diamond details.


For something classic and timeless, their princess cut wedding band would make a beautiful addition next to your engagement ring. The simple silver band lets the sparkling diamond solitaire command the attention.


Wedding Ring Workshop

If you had your heart set on a sapphire engagement ring but are secretly disappointed that you didn’t get one, go one better and opt for a wedding ring that has sapphires and diamonds. This design from the Wedding Ring Workshop proves that these precious stones are a match made in heaven when put together.


We’re so intrigued by the unique design of the Wedding Ring Workshop’s Bombay Cutout ring. This incredibly modern design is perfect for the bride who is looking for something contemporary. The exquisite swirled design leads to a larger diamond in the centre for a look that creates a seriously glamorous statement.


If you love colour just as much as you love diamonds, take a look at this gorgeous wedding ring which incudes diamond, sapphire and amethyst stones. A modern and unusual take on the classic diamond ring, the extra colours just make this ring even more special. Plus, if your birthday is in February then you have even more reason to want this ring – as amethyst is your birth stone!


Caring For Diamond Wedding Rings

Avoid wearing your ring whilst using cleaning products – “If you do, you should always wear gloves to prevent any chemicals reacting with the metal or plating of your ring, especially if it’s 18ct white gold.” Warns Emelie.

Take your ring off when doing outdoor activities – “Wedding rings that have diamonds going all the way around the band are naturally more delicate,” continues Emelie. “So these should always be taken off when doing any outdoor or gym activities to avoid wear and tear.”

Clean gently – “Soak your rings in a cup of hot water with a small amount of Fairy Liquid for about 10-15 minutes,” recommends Emelie. “Take an old toothbrush and gentle scrub all around the diamonds, this will really brighten them up and remove any dirt from underneath the stones.”

Be wary of using certain beauty creams – “Shampoos, moisturisers, hand creams and cosmetics can all leave behind residues that can obscure the sparkle of diamonds and leave them looking dull.” says Tim.

Don’t spray perfume directly onto the ring – “Perfume should never be sprayed directly on to jewellery as it can cause dulling of the metal,” explains Emelie. “It could especially react with the plating on a white gold ring.”

Have it cleaned professionally occasionally – “If you feel that your diamond ring needs a more thorough clean than you can give it at home, most jewellers offer a professional cleaning service.” Says Tim.

How to deal with wear and tear – If worn every day, over time tiny scuffs on your ring can accumulate, causing your once beautifully polished ring to lose some of its lustre,” warns Tim. “If your ring has become scratched, your jeweller should be able to polish it for you to restore it to its former glory.”


Now that you’re in the know about diamond wedding rings, take a look at our guide to wedding ring metals for more inspiration.