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Wedding Videographers in Oxfordshire

31 results

  • The Wedding Studio - Videography & Photography

  • Leslie Choucard Videography & Photography

  • Vlog My Wedding

  • Garland & Gold

  • Hawaiian Shirt Videography & Photography

  • CKS Productions

  • Bexhill Film Company

  • Redbeard Film co

  • Songbird Wedding Videos

  • The Newtons Film & Photography -

  • DNAWE Media

  • Specular Visuals

  • Big Day Productions

  • Paragon Productions

  • Tell The Story Films

  • Treborproductions

  • 21 Degrees Wedding Videography

  • Veiled Productions

  • FernanDos Films

  • Fox Films

  • Diego Creations

  • Joe Homer Films

  • Endless Day Wedding Films


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More about Wedding Videographers in Oxfordshire

Hiring a videographer for your wedding day is one of the most important investments you can make for the milestone event. The videographer stays by your side from start to finish, freezing moments in time so that you can replay it back for years to come. The videographer gives couples the chance to relive their most magical day, so it’s important to find a professional that meets your expectations. Whether you are born and raised in Oxfordshire or just decided to venture south-east for the occasion, there are plenty of videographers to choose from.

Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

It is highly recommended that couples hire a videographer for their wedding day. The filmmakers serve as a second and third set of eyes to capture the magical moments unfolding throughout the day. Many videographers in Oxfordshire have photography services available in their packages and vice versa. Most companies provide up to ten-hour coverage of the day and can work additional hours if needed, so nothing is missed. Two videographers can often attend bigger wedding parties or when multiple location sessions need to be accommodated. The extra hands mean more angled shots and varying perspectives.

What Should be Included in my Wedding Videography?

When booking your videographer, it’s necessary to discuss the elements that you want to be captured. Traditional filming usually covers the ceremony procession, the exchanging of vows, the first kiss, the bouquet toss, and the first dance. If there is anything else you want to be included, be sure to ask in advance so it’s not forgotten amid the commotion of the day. These days, many videographers use drone equipment to capture sweeping overviews of the celebrations, which could be a fun additional element to your film.

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