Speech by Lyd

Speech Type: Maid of honour/Best woman
Speech Creator: Lyd
Speech Date: 22/07/2014 05:15:20


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and thank you all for being here to celebrate Heather and Rays very special day.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Lyd. I'm the maid of honor and the best friend of the bride.

The first time I met Heather was in math in fourth grade.  She didn't talk to me for almost a year after that first conversation, so I never thought that I would be standing here eleven years later watching the woman most like a sister to me marry the man of her dreams.

When you've been close to someone for this long, you gather a lot of juicy secrets and hilariously embarrassing stories, however, I will spare you from those stories because 1) It would take me days to tell them all and 2) because I respect Heather too much to embarrass her on what is supposed to be one of the best days of her life. But, if you happen to catch me anywhere else, the embarrassing stories are fair game.

Heather, I want you to know I rewrote this speech about 50 times over. There really aren't words to define the kind of friend you have been to me. There are also no words to describe how happy I am for you and Ray today.

We have always said that God made us best friends because our moms couldn't handle us as sisters, and to this day I still believe that's true. We've had some crazy adventures, like our sleepovers and summer vacations. We have our inside jokes and think we're hilarious. That's why we're sisters, because nobody else would understand, and nobody else seems to get just how cool and hilarious we really are.

We've definitely had our moments and our ups and downs but we always find our way back to each other. You told me a few weeks ago, you can't stay mad at me because you have things to tell me. We've always been by each other's sides, so here I am by your side as you start the next crazy adventure in your life known as marriage.

I won't go on too much about when the lovely couple met, mostly because I wasn't actually there, but I may as well have been. I heard enough about Ray for a good year before I actually met him, to feel like I already knew him. Once I finally did meet him, I could see why Heather was so crazy for him. I've always been the protective best friend, but there was really no reason to be like that with Ray around. I could tell from the first time I saw him that he could see why everyone thinks Heather is special, and that he would always do his best to take care of her.

At the time, despite my reassurance that Ray would be nuts not to like Heather, she refused to believe that he could be interested in her. As usual though, I was right. Almost 5 years later, I think she might finally believe me.

For a while there, Ray, I may have been a little jealous that you were stealing my best friend, but I realize now that as her husband you are her best friend too. That is a role I'm happy to pass on and share. I see how happy you make her and how much she loves you. I also know that you would never hurt her or let anything happen to her. I can't think of a better man for my best friend.

Heather, Best wishes with your new adventure buddy, your best friend, and your husband.  Ray, you're a very lucky man. I've had eleven years’ worth of putting up with her quirks, her moodiness, and her inability to cook. Now it's your turn. Just remember, she doesn't like cheap chocolate, and a happy wife makes for a happy life.

 May your love be modern enough to survive the times and be old fashioned enough to survive forever.


If everyone would raise their glass now and join me in congratulating the beautiful bride and handsome groom. Congratulations. I love you both. To Heather and Ray forever