Speech by Evie

Speech Type: Maid of honour/Best woman
Speech Creator: Evie
Speech Date: 23/04/2018 13:08:23


Hello everyone. For those who that don't know me – which is very unlikely because I know more than half of the people here – my name is Evie and I'm Audrey's little sister.

A few years ago we said that when we get married that we would be each other's maids of honour. So here I am a couple of years later after a cute/weird/creative proposal from that odd bird over here Martin (inside joke), it has come so far.

Audrey and I have been through a lot together and I love that I was a part of her journey here. All those train rides to and back from work, lunches, trips to McDonald's for chicken nuggets when one of us wasn't too happy, every night out, every time we wrestled – and I won, of course – and how when I was younger I could always crawl in her bed when I was scared of the movie that I said I could handle. Okay maybe I still do that here and then. But, she never complains, even though I might take up more than half the bed.


Audrey, you are amazing. You have made me who I am today, and it would have been a boring journey without you. I love you with all that I am.  And I'm really, really happy for you that you found someone who is just as weird and crazy as you are.