Speech by Holly Burdall

Speech Type: Maid of honour/Best woman
Speech Creator: Holly Burdall
Speech Date: 27/02/2012 13:42:22


For those of you that haven't realised I am Carla's twin sister Holly….a little unorthodox for the bridesmaid to do a speech I know, but please just humour me for the next few minutes!

Ever since Carla and I were little we've constantly been asked if we've ever experienced that “twin thing” – for those of you that aren't sure, the “twin thing” is where you feel what the other one is feeling. Well, I've always answered no until this point but I can honestly say today that I feel every ounce of happiness that you do, so I guess it must be real! Your love for each other is infectious, that's clear for us all today.

You've all heard how Pete recalls the first time him and Carla met but now I'm going to let you know it from her side….From the very first moment Carla met Pete, dressed head to toe in pure netball glamour complete with messy hair with a slight post- game pong, she referred to him as her “new boyfriend Pete” – I remember us all thinking it was a little strange but we went along with it. After a couple of weeks, and more impromptu visits to the Ship than she'd ever had, Pete was now known as her “new husband Pete”. Now, for those of you who know Carla well, you'll know that she isn't generally organised. Well, when it came to Pete she was a woman on a mission: for once she had a plan. Despite working full time as a PE teacher, playing netball 4 times a week and coping with all of the work these teachers claim they have to do (!) she suddenly decided she needed another job – how handy that Pete had just taken over at the Ship and was in need of someone to help out……seamless Sis – I bet he didn't suspect a thing! A few drunken nights involving toga's and gin and Pete was under Carla's spell, but look at her today, who can blame him.

Before we knew it Pete was a fully-fledged member of the family. Mum was mothering him and making him breakfast whereas Dad was staying up until the small hours drinking with him. So I just want to say thanks Sis, for bringing Pete into our family and most importantly to Pete, for giving Dad somewhere to go every night – gives Mum a bit of respite!

When we first heard that Pete had proposed to Carla we weren't surprised. It was clear to everyone that Pete was the calming influence she needed. To be honest it was surprising that Pete still wanted to marry her after planning a romantic proposal on his boat for Carla to moan about feeling sick the entire time! After the proposal the planning immediately began, and despite only having 9 months in which to plan the wedding she has done a fantastic job.

I couldn't be more proud of Carla and all that she does – planning this beautiful day is just one example of how much work and effort she permanently puts in to everything. There aren't enough of the right words for me to describe our relationship. As we've gotten older there have been many people who have come and gone but we have always been safe in the knowledge that we have each other. She is literally the best sister anyone could wish for, and even though we are sisters purely by chance she is my best friend by choice.  So today Liz, Tom and Simon – you are gaining a perfect sister and Joel and I are gaining a brilliant brother in Pete. 

On that note I think I've said all I need to, and Mum is crying enough for me to stop! So I'd like to raise one final toast to Carla and Pete.


To love, to laughter to happily ever after