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Introducing the UK's First Vid-Dog-Grapher: Meet Digby!

Want a dog at your wedding and a videographer? Discover how you can combine both with our brand new offering - the vid-dog-grapher!

Couple sitting at a table at their wedding ceremony as they sign the register with Digby the Vid-dog-grapher sitting next to them

Having a wedding videographer to capture your wedding day is pretty common - after all, you want to be able to look back at the footage for years to come.

Wanting to include your dog at your wedding is also quite common too - as dogs are awesome and global interest in ‘dogs at weddings’ has increased by 800% in the last five years. So what if we told you: you could combine both of them? 

Introducing the UK’s first vid-dog-grapher, Digby. Digby is on hand - or paw - to capture every moment of your wedding day from his unique vantage point (aka, heel-view). Starting from 1st April 2023*, Digby is launching his business on Hitched for a limited time. 

In a first for the UK wedding industry, Digby filmed a couple at the beautiful Pennyhill Park, with only a little assistance from Unwritten Films (give him a break, he is a dog after all). 

We decided to launch Digby the Vid-Dog-Grapher when we learned that 94% of couples want to include their pet on their wedding day according to a study by Guide Dogs UK, and that searches for ‘wedding videographer’ have risen by 2,300% since 2018. 

If you’re tempted to book Digby the Vid-Dog-Grapher for your wedding, well, first let us say, we don’t blame you. His work is spectacular and comes with a bounding energy only a Springer Spaniel can achieve.

But we should also warn you - Digby doesn’t come cheap. He charges by the minute, and his agents send a pretty hefty contract too, demanding Fortnum & Mason hampers and the like. Despite this, he’s somehow booked up for the next decade. 

But don’t get down about it - you can discover plenty more wedding videographers on Hitched. These ones won’t jump up on you or lick you, either…

*As this launches on the 1st April 2023 and is a limited time offer, expiring at 11.59am on the 1st April, we'll let you draw your own conclusions...