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Everything We Know About Jack Whitehall & Roxy Horner

From a disastrous first date to BIG baby news, here's everything we know about funny-man Jack Whitehall and his model girlfriend Roxy Horner

Jack Whitehall and his girlfriend Roxy Horner dressed up being photographed at an event
Getty Images Entertainment / David M. Benett

Jack Whitehall and his girlfriend Roxy Horner dressed up being photographed at an event
Getty Images Entertainment / David M. Benett

You know we love celebrity wedding here at Hitched, and funnyman Jack Whitehall and girlfriend Roxy Horner have been a celebrity couple in the public eye for quite some time now, but how much do we really know about the comedian and his model girlfriend? And is marriage on the cards for these two?

While we know who Jack Whitehall is dating, there are still some questions we need answering. Is Jack Whitehall married? Do he and Roxy have a child? What about their past relationships? 

Taking a deep dive into his relationship with Roxy Horner, we take a look back at how they met, *that* nightmare first date, tragic news and a very exciting announcement. 

Jack Whitehall & Girlfriend Roxy Horner: Is He Married & Does He Have a Child?

We can say with some certainty that a Roxy Horner and Jack Whitehall split isn't on the cards right now - in fact, they've just announced some very exciting news that makes us think a wedding could be on the cards. 

From a disastrous first date, to isolating together, to taking the next step in their relationship, here's everything we know about Jack Whitehall and his girlfriend Roxy Horner. 

Does Jack Whitehall Have a New Show?

Jack Whitehall's new Netflix special launched on 30th January. Named 'Settle Down', it sees the stand-up comedian discuss everything from fatherhood - as he welcomed a baby girl, Elsie, with his girlfriend Roxy Horner in September 2023, to dogs, drinking and dining alone. 

As well as this, it was announced in August 2023 that Jack was working on a new show with his father, Michael Whitehall, called 'Fatherhood with My Father'. This show would follow a similar format to the pair's successful franchise 'Travels with My Father', but with a twist - that Jack himself was a new father. 

Who is Jack Whitehall's Girlfriend Roxy Horner?

Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner taking a selfie on holiday with hills and the ocean in the background

Though she is known for being Jack Whitehall's girlfriend, Roxy Horner was already famous in her own right far before her relationship with the comedian began. Roxy is from Essex and established a career as a model from a young age. 

And it wasn't a small jobs she was getting, no. Roxy Horner first appeared in British Vogue at the age of 17. Since then, Roxy's career has gone from strength to strength and she's been signed to Premier Model Management for more than ten years. 

Her modelling resume includes jobs for brands such as Boohoo, Boux Avenue and Superdry.

Jack Whitehall isn't the first of Roxy Horner's relationships that have been in the public eye. Prior to meeting the British comedian, she dated a few famous faces you're bound to recognise. Roxy Horner's ex partners include singer Jake Bugg, who she dated for two years before parting ways in December 2019. 

She's also been linked to actor Leonardo DiCaprio and TOWIE star Joey Essex. Roxy claims she never dated Leo, saying they were just friends following several sightings of the pair out together in New York and London, but she dated Joey before his TOWIE days, splitting before he joined the reality TV show. 

Jack Whitehall & Roxy Horner: A Relationship Overview

Roxy Horner and Jack Whitehall photographed sitting down for dinner at an event
getty images/entertainment david m benett

Though both native to the UK, Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner met whilst the comedian was on a trip in Australia. Talking about his first date with Roxy on Alan Carr's Travel Man podcast, Jack explained how things nearly went totally wrong. 

Jack got two recommendations from locals in Australia, one for a restaurant, another for a bar afterwards. Unbeknown to him, the restaurant he was recommended had a wall of dead hanging ducks, and the bar was one which was decorated completely in taxidermy - not the best first impression for vegan model Roxy. 

"It was like something out of a sitcom," Jack joked as he explained the story to Alan. Roxy clearly saw the funny side and the pair then ended up isolating together in London during the pandemic.

The couple have lived together in Jack's £17.5million Notting Hill house in London ever since, and it's clear Jack has been a real support for Roxy following her diabetes diagnosis. 

Roxy Horner was diagnosed with diabetes after she collapsed at the Brit Awards that Jack was hosting back in 2021. After being rushed to hospital, she gushed about boyfriend Jack's support. Posting about the event on social media, she wrote, "I'm so lucky and grateful for my man, my biggest support through everything. I don't know what I would have done this past year without you."

Going strong, there seems to be no signs of a Roxy Horner and Jack Whitehall split - in fact, they're going so well they've even added a little one to the family - namely Coco, their cute pup. 

Does Jack Whitehall Have a Child?

Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner announce they are pregnant in black and white picture

Jack Whitehall and girlfriend Roxy Horner have a daughter together - the couple welcomed baby girl Elsie in September 2023. 

Sharing the news of Roxy's pregnancy on Instagram in May this year, Jack wrote, "And I thought I wasn't getting enough attention when the dog arrived... 🎉🍾👶🏻" along with a picture of himself and Roxy gushing over scan polaroids. Posting the same images, Roxy also announced the news on social media with the caption, "The best news to share… 🤍"

The couple were very excited to become parents, with a source close to them telling The Sun, "They are ecstatic to be expecting and the baby will be very lucky to have them as parents. Roxy has already started getting things ready, she has been buying little clothes for the baby and cannot wait to be a mum.

“Jack is a little more nervous, like most first time dads are, but he knows that Roxy will be an incredible mother so feels like they are in safe hands! They already have their dog Coco so the baby will be making them a family of four. They are great together and make a brilliant team, so parenthood will be no different."

The news comes after much heartbreak, with Roxy tragically suffering a miscarriage last year. Speaking to HELLO!, Roxy explained, "We had a miscarriage last year and so there was a part of me that was worried to open up too soon about this baby because I was so worried something would happen again and I didn't want to have to kind of tell the world."

Explaining that they found out they were pregnant during a family trip to Australia, she continued, "It was really lovely because I got to tell my mum pretty much straight away and I don't get to see my parents too often, so it was a really perfect moment before he went off on tour."

Speaking about her pregnancy this time around, she said, "We found out the same week my nan passed away. There's a part of me that feels like my nan knew we were trying for a baby and maybe this was her gift to us."

Is Jack Whitehall Married?

Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner holding a puppy
Getty Images / Wire Image / David M. Benett

Is Jack Whitehall married? Is Jack Whitehall single? So many question, we hear you ask - and we have your answers.

No, he is definitely not single - quite the opposite in fact. Jack and Roxy are very much loved-up following the news that they are expecting their first child. Jack Whitehall isn't married, although, given the recent news of Roxy's pregnancy, we wouldn't be surprised if an engagement was around the corner. 

And sources close to them think the same, with one telling The Sun that although the family are over the moon, "They are putting a bit of pressure on Jack to pop the question now that Roxy is going to have his baby, but so far he has put it off. We will wait and see - but it may not be long until she has a ring on her finger as well.”

If that's not a positive sign that Jack will be getting married soon, we're not sure what is!

While we wait for that proposal, here are some of our favourite celebrity weddings in 2023 - maybe they might inspire Jack and Roxy!