A wedding guest was kicked out of her friend’s big day after a mix-up with the invitations.

The guest shared her “mortifying” experience on Reddit, asking fellow users whether she was right to walk out and not return.

The friend of the bride said she and her partner were ushered out of the wedding ceremony after being told they were meant to have received an invite to the evening reception only.

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“We were invited from 2pm, so we duly arrived in time for that. We were surprised to be invited to the day, but knowing what a flaky friend the bride had been over the years, I could understand why she might be struggling to fill a room these days,” she wrote.

The guest explained that they stayed for the ceremony, and after the service, they had a lovely chat with the bride and carried on mingling. It’s then that things started to go wrong…

She said: “The chief bridesmaid came over to shepherd me aside, starting with, ‘This is really awkward and I’m really sorry to say this, but you’re not supposed to be here until the evening and the bride is freaking out because there’s no place setting for you.’

“I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me.”

She continued: “She was implying that we had just rocked up and crashed the wedding, so I got the day invite, (which I’d luckily brought along), out of my pocket and showed her.”

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Wedding guests toasting to newlyweds at reception

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After much back and forth, the embarrassed wedding guest said she’d go and have a meal elsewhere before returning to the party.

Herself and her partner waited until everyone was called a dinner to avoid making a scene, but to add insult to injury, the ushers physically separated the couple from the rest of the guests and directed them towards the door.

The couple left the wedding, took their card with a £100 wedding gift inside and spent the money on a meal and drinks.

She added: “Like hell did we go back for the evening do after that. I’ve not heard from the bride at all since then, which is twisting the knife.”

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Is it acceptable to ask someone to leave your wedding if you’ve made a mistake inviting them? Was it right for the couple to spend the wedding gift and not return? Let us know your thoughts!