Which of These Five Fabulous Wedding Themes Suits You?

Take a look at five of our favourite wedding themes - from glitzy and glam to rustic chic


Finding the right theme for your wedding is one of the first major tasks any engaged couple needs to think about. A theme, even if it’s a very general one, helps to tie the look, feel and structure of your day together, and it will give you the perfect platform from which to make your key decisions, from the style of your invitations to the dress, venue and menu.


If you’re struggling to find inspiration, it may help to choose a classic, overarching theme and then, with the theme to guide you, you can make the day as unique and individual as you are.

To get you started, we’re highlighting five of the most popular wedding themes, with some stunning imagery from our inspiration galleries to ignite your imagination.

Go All-out for Glamour

Glamour never goes out of fashion, and if you choose a glamorous theme for your day you’ll have endless options for the décor and accessories: ornate candelabras, crystal chandeliers, all white marquees, bejewelled invites, rich accent colours (think lush purple and royal blue), dazzling fairy lights, white linen…your day will be filled with decadence.

A glamorous theme means you can really go to town with an opulent dress, and the menu can be as adventurous or “cordon bleu” as you like. A glam venue could be a grand stately home or a beautiful city hotel but remember, you can create glamour in even the simplest space with fabulous, ambitious styling.

Browse our inspiration gallery dedicated to glamorous wedding ideas.


Be Vivacious with Vintage

“Vintage” is a very broad theme — and one that is incredibly versatile. You might have a wedding day dedicated to one particular era, like the roaring 20s or swinging 60s, or your retro nuptials may be more generally vintage, with lots of different elements from different periods of the past.

Favourites for a general vintage (or “shabby chic”) theme include bird cages overflowing with flowers, a dress with vintage influences or enhanced by retro hair and make-up, old mismatched crockery, hiring a vintage car to take the bride and groom to the reception, traditional cakes and sweet treats, pearl and lace details on everything from the invites to the order of service and a venue with period features or décor.

Browse our inspiration gallery dedicated to vintage wedding ideas.


Keep it Rustic

From berry-covered, home-baked cakes to hay bales and barn dancing, a rustic theme works perfectly for couples with a love of nature, simplicity and the great outdoors.

A rustic wedding often revolves around the menu and drinks, so it’s a great option for foodies: cider, huge cheese boards (or a cheese stack in the shape of a wedding cake), hog roasts, freshly-baked bread and locally-made wine all work well with this theme. Anything you can home bake (like cupcakes or a simple sponge) will complement the theme, and other budget-friendly ideas, like decorating a white iced fruit cake with lavender, can look stunning.

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Great — and British

The UK is a pretty cool country, and if you love the idea of a traditional wedding — with a side helping of retro chic and irreverent humour — a Great British theme could be the one for you.

A Great British wedding needs a few classic elements: Union Jack motifs, red white and blue colour schemes, bus stop or tube signs, red telephone boxes and London buses can pop up anywhere during the day. You might be transported to the reception in a red double decker bus, decorate cupcakes with Union Jacks or put red, white and blue blooms in vases on every table. Extra special touches could include serving ice creams from a van, enjoying afternoon tea during the reception or swapping a classic wedding cake for a tiered sponge with strawberries and fresh cream.

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Timeless Country Garden

Celebrating in the great outdoors is a lovely choice for a spring or summer wedding. Marquee weddings are perennially popular, as is choosing a country venue with extensive grounds or beautiful gardens; for many couples, enjoying a sunny wedding breakfast on a perfectly-manicured lawn would be the highlight of their big day.

The weather is no barrier; give guests umbrellas and wellies if the heavens open and choose a venue with a covered outdoor area so you can still enjoy the garden if it rains. You can also use a garden theme to bring the outdoors in; adorn the cake with fresh garden flowers, put potted herbs on the table so guests can season their food in the freshest possible way and use artificial grass on the floor of a function room or marquee for a funky garden feel.


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