Wedding Venues: Is City or Countryside Better?

Between the countryside's stunning views and the hustle and bustle within the city, there is so much choice for wedding venues!


Choosing your wedding venue is made even harder if you can’t pick between a city location or a countryside getaway.


We’ve decided to settle the debate once and for all, and helping us highlight the differences between both countryside wedding venues and city wedding venues is The Dorchester and Coworth Park.

Both of these wedding venues are part of the Dorchester Collection and are extremely sought after, so who better to highlight the differences between a city and countryside wedding?

The Dorchester

Known as one of the world’s most iconic hotels, The Dorchester Hotel is one of the most elegant wedding venues available in the UK. Having played host to Prince Phillip’s stag party (impressive, we know) and the childhood parties of Queen Elizabeth II, this venue knows how to celebrate in style.

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It’s the perfect example of just how luxurious and grand a city wedding venue can really be. It’s home to five licensed rooms and a team of event managers who will assist you with your every need.


Despite the impressive size of The Dorchester, and the fact it can house weddings of 400 guests and above, it’s also an exquisite location to host a more intimate wedding.

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If food is a big factor for you on your special day, don’t worry as the kitchens at The Dorchester amount to the same size as 10 tennis courts. It’s also the only hotel in the UK to have a three Michelin-starred restaurant on site – as well as an array of luxurious bedrooms for guests to enjoy!

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Coworth Park

Located in the beautiful Berkshire countryside is the magnificent Coworth Park. Also part of The Dorchester Collection, Coworth Park is the perfect advocate for everything a countryside wedding venue should be.


Having been a private residence previously owned by the owner of Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason, the property has been taken care of immaculately. It’s the only hotel in the UK to feature its own polo fields and practice facilities – mirroring the venue’s love of horses.

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Along with the presence of horses, they also house their own family of swans who live on the Dower House Lake, which is set amidst the 240 acres that the venue sits on.

When it comes to a countryside wedding venue, most couples will look for a picturesque setting with an essence of calm to it and that is exactly what Coworth Park offers.


Their top suite is the 18th century Dower House, which is a standalone cottage made up of three bedrooms. Here you have the option to cater for yourself or be waited on hand and foot – the choice is all yours!


The Overview: Now it’s time to weigh up the main factors that help you choose your wedding venue. From facilities and budget to accommodation and scenery, will it be country or city that comes out on top…


Facilities are limited to the space of the venue. As far as these two venues are concerned, the facilities are pretty impressive on our scale.

Coworth Park boasts a number of sought after facilities such as their outdoor pool and exquisite gardens.


The Dorchester also has amenities that are wonderfully luxurious, not to mention their world class spa, it really is the world’s best place to relax…



When it comes to housing your guests, generally city wedding venues have better accommodation options as they are more likely to be surrounded by nearby hotels where your guests can stay.

If you’re after a wedding venue with accommodation in house, it’s a pretty equal bet.

Some of the most stylish city wedding venues are limited to overnight stays as they usually operate as restaurants or bars day to day. If you find yourself a hotel wedding venue like the Dorchester in the city, accommodation isn’t a problem.

In the countryside, a lot of venues come in the form of barns or renovated farms where you get that gorgeous rustic vibe but this doesn’t always come with rooms for you and your guests. Another common countryside venue is the manor houses and mansions, just like Coworth Park. These are much more likely to house bedrooms.

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Devising a wedding budget is a painful experience to say the least, but once you have the funds to start planning your wedding, don’t be surprised when you see the majority of it being spent on your venue.

In general, countryside wedding venues tend to be a little cheaper than main cities such as London, but this definitely isn’t always the case. There is definitely a comparison for each, you can get a very expensive, or a more reasonable wedding venue in both a rural and built up location.

Be sure to check prices of local suppliers such as cake makers, florists and photographers etc. as you may find the price of these is what swings your decision.

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The winner of this category definitely depends on personal preference – especially the types of views you enjoy.

For example, wedding venues like The Dorchester and Shangri La at The Shard have incredibly stunning views over the city of London and even more incredible views of their indoor decor.


On the other hand, venues such as Coworth Park have views of the 240 acres it sits on, and a true essence of the Berkshire countryside.


When deciding between this, maybe consider which one has more sentimental value to you. Despite where you may live, think about where you enjoy spending your time most… Is it weekends away enjoying countryside walks or is it glamorous evenings surrounded by skyscrapers?

The Verdict

As unintentionally diplomatic as this may sound, there really is no winner when it comes to deciding between a countryside or city wedding venue. It all comes down to personal preference.

You can go ultra-glam, or totally low-key in both settings – it all depends on the venue you choose.


Couples who like the green scenery and rustic feels will find more peace with a country wedding venue whereas brides and grooms who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city will enjoy a wedding venue in a more built-up area.