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The Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Rings

The world of wedding rings is evolving. A few years ago rose gold became more popular and now more materials are beginning to appear. Here are the pros and cons of titanium wedding rings.

Titanium wedding rings have been fashionable for a few years.  In fact, this material is being used more and more in the creation of jewellery.  Do you know why?  Because it is a light, strong and resistent material.

Here are the pros and cons of titanium wedding rings. 

What are the advantages of buying titanium wedding rings?

  • Titanium is a more resistant material, it doesn't rust and it weighs a lot less than gold in any of its variants.  Titanium rings are difficult to scratch and bend out of shape, therefore perfect for those who are afraid of damaging their rings.
  • No maintence is necessary, unlike rings made of other materials.
  • It is a material that is resistant to changes in heat due to its minimal thermal conductivity.
  • Titanium rings remain intact over time: it is one of the longer lasting materials next to platinum and tungsten compared to gold and silver.
  • It is antiallergenic.
  • Titanium rings are more economical than those made with gold or silver.
  • Titanium rings may be a good option for those couples that are looking for something original, as this material can be made into a variety of iridescent colours.
  • There is a wide variety of titanium wedding rings and they combine perfectly with other materials such as yellow gold and platinum.
  • Titanium wedding rings have an optimum relationship between quality, price and originality.


Now we look at the disadvantages of having titanium wedding rings:

  • Titanium has matte finish; therefore rings in titanium will not shine as much as those made of gold or platinum.
  • Titanium rings cannot have prong settings that traditional engagement rings have unless the prong setting is made from another metal.
  • They can be difficult to fit as it cannot be soldered, so make sure to order the right size!


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