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Wedding Catering in Shropshire

10 results

  • Kings Cheese and Wine

    1 deal -3% Discount
    From £20
    1 to 2000
  • Nutmeg Wolverhampton

  • Fresh & Lush

    From £10
    15 to 500
  • Jenny's Catering

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £5
    5 to 1000
  • Cave Valley Kitchens

    From £8.50
    50 to 500
  • Pedal and Push Catering

    From £350
    30 to 150
  • Bridgnorth Bakes

    From £250
    30 to 200
  • Call the Caterers

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £10
    50 to 600
  • Carbones - Pizza

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £500
    50 to 200
  • Chouxlicious

    From £15
    15 to 150

Wedding Caterers in Shropshire

Let Them Eat Cake

But first, let them eat dinner. You’ve taken the time to find your spouse, so finding your perfect wedding caterer should be a walk in the park. Shropshire is bursting with seasoned chefs and their teams just waiting for the chance to delight you and your guests through their craft. You may be tempted to dive right into their delicious meals, but there are a few things to consider before settling on your caterer.

Your Guide to Selecting a Caterer

First thing’s first, what are your venue’s needs or restrictions? Some venues offer all-inclusive packages in which you must use the in-house catering team. Others will supply you with a list of preferred caterers from which to choose. If you have the freedom to select whatever company you would like, be sure to find out what the catering facilities are in your venue. Can the meal be prepared from scratch onsite, or will it need to be whipped up elsewhere and transported for plating and serving? Once you have these technicalities sorted, it’s time for the fun part- tasting. Let your chosen service know of any dietary restrictions or requirements so they can include these options in your tasting menu. Don’t be afraid to shop around and make a few enquiries if needed. After all, this is the meal that needs to fuel everyone through the evenings’ festivities.

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