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Wedding Marquee & Tipi Hire in Shropshire

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What to Know About Marquee and Tipi Hire in Shropshire

Shropshire is a beautiful county in the West Midlands. Featuring picturesque rolling countryside, charming villages, and many geographic landmarks, it is a quiet, rural location home to many sprawling properties available to rent for weddings. If you're planning a wedding in Shropshire and looking for ways you can enhance your celebration, consider renting a marquee or tipi to expand your event space. Your guests will love having the option to enjoy the area's stunning natural beauty while being protected from the elements under one of these stylish tents.

How to Pick the Perfect Marquee or Tipi for Your Wedding

If your venue allows you to set up a marquee or tipi on the lawn, you should consider how large you want the space to be and what function you'd like it to serve. If you're looking to host most of your guests in an outdoor space for your reception, you should probably consider hiring a large marquee space with room for dining tables and a dance floor. A tipi is a great option if you're hosting the majority of your event indoors but would like an outdoor space for a cocktail hour or a quiet moment away from the crowd. Tipis are a bit smaller than marquees by design, but they provide a rustic, charming atmosphere that your guests will love.

Cost of Marquee and Tipi Hire in Shropshire

The cost of marquee or tipi hire in Shropshire depends entirely on your choice. A large tent with flooring and lighting can be a few thousand pounds, while a smaller tipi will be significantly less expensive.

Marquee & Tipi Hire in Shropshire by Region

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