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Castle Wedding Venues in Tuscany

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Your Destination Wedding in Tuscany Starts Here

Your Destination Wedding in Tuscany Starts Here

There are certain things a destination wedding must have: gorgeous food, fascinating culture, a tapestry of breathtaking scenes and magical cities. Tuscany has it all and so much more. This is, after all, the home of Florence, a renowned mecca for Renaissance art and cultural giants. But beyond the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli, you will see rugged mountains, sandy beaches, and thriving wineries that make Chianti a household name. Of course, there is nowhere else you'd rather tie the knot, so let's get your journey to newlywedded bliss off to a solid start.

Embrace the Locality with a Seasoned Pro

If you have settled on a castle wedding in Tuscany, there is no doubt you have a desire to embrace the wonders of authentic Italian culture. The biggest hindrance to planning a destination wedding is the distance which could play into the day itself. It's hard to look forward to a sun-kissed wedding when coordinating from across the sea. A local wedding planner is a sure-fire way to keep stress at bay while getting the most out of the surrounding area. More than sourcing the best vendors and deals, these professionals can help guide you through local customs and wedding proceedings. Who knows, they may be just the one to help you plan a dreamy Italian honeymoon.

Keep Your Guests in Mind

It's easy to get lost in the pull of the Apennine Mountains or swept up in the Tyrrhenian sea turquoise hues, but spare a moment for your VIPs. A destination wedding can be expensive, and getting guests from A to B is not always smooth sailing. However, there are a few little touches you can add to make the journey more than worthwhile. Sourcing accommodation is a simple way of giving your loved ones peace of mind while ensuring every wedding party member is where they need to be. You could also organize welcome bags filled with local information, water bottles, and little comforts to make them feel at home. Bonus points if you plan additional events to get the holiday mood in full swing.

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