A bride-to-be has stirred up debate after her rant about refusing to feed her vegan guests went viral.

The Australian bride took to a wedding group on Facebook to ask for advice about the “special food accommodations” of two of their guests and whether it was OK to suggest they bring their own food.

“We sent out our RSVPS,” she wrote.

“Nowhere on the RSVP does it ask what guests what to eat at the reception. Nowhere.

“One of my fiance’s friends wrote all over the RSVP that she and her husband are vegan and included what they don’t eat.

“Also if we had any questions, to call.”

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Image: Facebook

The “irked” bride went on to say that the guests had then posted on not one, but two Facebook posts reminding them that any animal products were off the list.

“I ignored the comment,” the bride wrote.

“We are not making special food accommodations. If our parents needed something, sure. Them? No,” she continued.

She explained that the wedding catering would be beef and chicken tacos at a BBQ restaurant so there weren’t any options for the vegan guests, except “lettuce and beans”.

Concluding her annoyed post, she asked for advice on whether it would be OK to ask them to “bring their own food or order from the restaurant on the property (but it’s BBQ lol) at their own cost.”

Well, our anti-vegan bride quickly divided opinion when her question was shared on a Facebook wedding shaming group, with some branding her selfish and others defending her.

“You have so much time to plan your wedding and they are letting you know on the RSVP months in advance.

“It’d be no extra cost to you, literally just your time.

“There’s no reason why she couldn’t communicate with her caterer ahead of time and make sure all her guests are fed.

“Sounds like a selfish a** woman to me,” one wrote.

Another made the point that the vegan guests could have severe allergies.

“If I was inviting someone to my wedding, I would know they’re vegan.

“My brother can’t eat tree nuts or peanuts, he will die.

“I know that’s extreme, but I would think they would be able to at least have some options available for people with dietary needs,” another wrote.

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However, another said it was the guests who were being “ridiculous”.

“It’s a little ridiculous to basically demand as a wedding guests that your self-imposed dietary restrictions be met. Either bring your own food or don’t go.

“My sister is vegan…I’m not going to go out of my way to find something that’ll work for her because she’s one guest out of 40ish.”

The overwhelming agreement was that the bride-to-be should let the couple at least know in advance so they can eat beforehand.

Do you agree with that? Or is it rude of the guests to demand their requirements be met?