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Getting Married in Sorrento: A Charming Italian Town

Want a wedding destination with views, charm and history? Why not check out Sorrento - Southern Italy's best kept secret...

When it comes to destination weddings, Italy is a really popular choice amongst couples, and for so many reasons. Whether it’s a romantic wedding in Venice or a cute ceremony in Tuscany – Italy has a lot to offer couples.

One of the most incredible locations in Italy to get married is the popular town of Sorrento. Located in the south of Italy, Sorrento is within easy reach of Naples and Pompeli and also overlooks the Bay of Naples which is a truly beautiful sight in itself.

Why Sorrento?

There are plenty of reasons why couples are drawn to Sorrento for their weddings, one being the insanely pretty and picturesque ocean views that you can enjoy. There are miles and miles of beautiful scenes to see on the tuff coast of the town which will just take your breath away and will also act as an incredible backdrop for your wedding photographs.


If you’ve always dreamed of saying ‘I do’ in a historic wedding venue, you will be spoiled for choice in this particular part of Italy. The town itself dates back to prehistoric times and is embodied with history from the Greeks to the Romans and has plenty of museums and stunning architecture that tells the story of its’ past.

Sorrento has managed to keep the historic town centre reasonably intact with many of its original features still remaining and lots of the mellow old buildings still standing – all adding to the delight and authenticity of the area which gives Sorrento the charming atmosphere it’s so famously known for.

One of the huge benefits of choosing Sorrento as your destination wedding setting is the calming and cute surroundings it has. The cobbled lanes, tourist boutiques and old-school Italian restaurants all come together to make this historic town the genuine Italian location that it is.

Couples who want to embrace true Italian culture will adore the ability to potter around and enjoy the authentic atmosphere without the busyness that may be found in more tourist-driven parts of Italy.

As well as the beautiful scenes of Sorrento itself, the most grand views of Vesuvius, Ischia and Naples can be seen from the Villa Comunale Park and if you get there at the right time, you may even catch a glimpse of one of Italy’s finest and brightest sunsets.

The ancient towns of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Positano and Amalfi are amongst some of the most popular spots to visit when spending time in Sorrento and all equally make perfect locations for your wedding.


There are a variety of places to stay in Sorrento including:

The Historic City Centre

With part of the old city walls still intact and the sea-cliffs on show, the centre of Sorrento is the place to be for couples who want to indulge in culture and get married somewhere that has a real story to it. It has easy access to travel and excursions if you want to extend your wedding stay and explore too! The accommodation in the historic city are mostly made up of holiday apartments and small town hotels located on one or more floors of a stunning historic building… You might even find a museum wedding venue here!


Located next to Sorrento, Sant’Agnello is a super popular place to stay when visiting Sorrento. This area offers slightly larger and fancier ‘sea-view’ places to stay and has a little more breathing space than the centre of Sorrento. The hotels tend to cost a bit less to stay in and have more facilities and space but the area does compromise more in night life with less going on – but Sorrento is just a short bus ride away and has plenty to do.

Piano and Meta

Just after Sant’Agnello, towards Naples, you will find Piano di Sorrento and Meta di Sorrento. Similarly to their sister towns, these two locations are separated from the sea by beautiful low cliffs that create a truly mesmerising view. Meta is home to a triangular beach which is found very popular in the summer months and as far as accommodation is concerned, both of these towns are home to more holiday homes, apartments and B&B’s – perfect for couples who prefer exploring their surroundings than embracing hotel facilities.


The real beauty of Sorrento on a whole is that you can really enjoy different types of weddings here. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are plenty of areas which can provide something for every sort of couple from a fancy five-star hotel with all the added touches, to a character apartment in the middle of one of Italy’s most historic towns – could it get any more romantic if it tried?

If Sorrento doesn’t quite do it for you, why not see what getting married in Lake Como is like?