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Made Up: How to Figure Out Your Skin Type (& What to Do With the Info!)

This month, Beauty Editor Melanie learns what her skin type is and what that means for her skincare, plus she attends the launch of Sephora in the UK...

Beauty column made up header with beauty products and a cup of herbal tea

Beauty column made up header with beauty products and a cup of herbal tea

I’ve worked in beauty for eight years now, but I have a confession to make. Whenever anyone asks me my skin type, I still don’t know what to say. I usually just go with ‘normal’ and hope for the best.

If you’re in the same boat, you’ll be pleased to know that Boots’ skincare brand No7 has launched a game-changing skin analysis tool, which takes about one minute and gives incredible insight into your skin type, and how to look after it.

If you’ve overhauled your skincare routine ahead of your wedding, but your new beauty buys don’t seem to be making a difference, I’d recommend going into Boots and having the analysis done to work out exactly what will make your skin happy. 

Similarly, if you want to start a new routine to get your complexion looking its best before the big day, this will help you choose the best products for you.

Also, discover the two products I finished this month, plus the UK beauty launch I'm super excited for.

How to Find Out Your Skin Type

The  No7 Pro Derm Scan Service, as it’s officially called, analyses the skin, looking at hydration, oil balance, fine lines and wrinkles and pores. After your No7 advisor takes three super-close scans of your skin in different areas of your face, it gives you ratings out of five for each category, to help to work out exactly what your complexion needs.  

It’s not a scary scan; it’s just a super-powerful camera on a phone that takes a deep dive into your skin. 

My results came back fairly pleasingly - I got 5/5 for hydration and pores and 3/5 for fine line and wrinkles - particularly in the eye area, which is testament to the fact that I am very lazy when it comes to eye creams. 

The fact that I got a perfect score for my pores and hydration meant the cleanser and moisturiser I’m using at the moment are right for me, but if your scores don’t come back as you’d hope, you know that’s the place to make changes in your routine. 

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It was my oil balance results that were most interesting - I got 3/5 in this category, which the No7 expert explained meant my skin is erring towards dry - so there we have it, my skin type is dry. You learn something new every day.

The scan is totally free, and afterwards you’ll receive product recommendations, though you’re of course under no obligation to buy anything, and my No7 advisor was so knowledgeable about all brands, able to give insight into all the products in my current routine and if they’re right for me, even when they weren’t even from brands that Boots stocks.

If I could give you one piece of advice from my column this month, it would be don’t buy any pre-wedding skincare until you’ve tried No7’s Pro Derm Scan Service.

Two Products I Finished This Month...

1. JS Health Vitamins Detox and Debloat - £30, Selfridges

De-bloating supplements

If you suffer from painful bloating, I cannot recommend these two-a-day supplements enough. I’m on my second tub, and saw a difference in bloating after the first few days. You take them after meals and it eases that uncomfortable full-feeling which leaves you dreaming of unbuttoning your jeans.

They use milk thistle to help the liver with its detoxifying job and support digestive discomfort for a soothed tummy, plus fennel is in the mix to help with bloating. Since taking these, my bloating has reduced and my jeans are less tight. I wouldn’t be without these handy supplements now. 

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2. Sunday Riley Clean Rinse Clarifying Scalp Serum - £42, Cult Beauty 

Sunday riley scalp cleanser bottle photographed with flowers

I’ve mostly sidestepped the whole scalp care movement. I know we should pay as much attention to the skin on our head as the skin on our face, and for healthy hair, we really need a healthy scalp, but with so many other steps in my routine, looking after my scalp was last on my list. Until I tried this scalp cleansing serum.

I’ve been put off by gritty scrubs that require working into my scalp, but this is a runny honey texture which you apply to your scalp when your hair is wet, rub in, then rinse out - minimal fuss. 

It gets rid of product build-up as well as excess oil, dead skin, and pollution, and my hair always looks so much shinier the day after I use it. 

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This Month I'm Excited For…

The Launch of Sephora in the UK

Sephora beauty products on display at the UK sephora launch

If you have any interest in makeup and skincare, you’ll likely know that US beauty behemoth Sephora has landed in the UK - and it’s got beauty editors whipped up into a frenzy, and for good reason.

For a bit of background info, Sephora bought out Feel Unique, so the website features all of Feel Unique’s brands, as well as 40 new brands, including budget skincare hero Byoma, Reese Witherspoon-backed squalane brand Biossance and Kim K’s MUA’s baby, Makeup By Mario. 

Hitched Editor Zoe and I were lucky enough to attend the launch event and preview all the goodies to come - we were treated to Lancôme makeovers, hair styling, brow treatments and manicures, and while before I was sceptical if we needed Sephora over here, when we already have Boots, I am now fully convinced. Plus, they hinted that a physical store could be arriving next year… watch this space.

Visit Sephora

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