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Wedding Music and DJs in Staffordshire

35 results

  • Earcandy

  • Joel Grainger (Live Looping Violinist)

  • DJ Coast2Coast

  • Maximum Music UK

    From £550
  • The Spectrum

    3 deals
    From £1,495
  • Dave Collins Roadshow

    1 deal -15% Discount
    From £200

    From £380
  • Event DJs

    1 deal -3% Discount
    From £650
  • The Northern Monkeys Band

    From £1,121
  • Amore Music

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £160
  • The Sparks

    From £677
  • Dance Floor Deluxe

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £495
  • Katie Findler

    From £250
  • Simon Partridge - The Vintage Singer

    From £350
  • Dj Bart - Mobile Disco

    From £200
  • Hire Bands UK

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £295
  • The Mark Black Band

    1 deal -20% Discount
    From £800
  • Decades Discos

    From £220
  • Carpenters Tribute Show

    From £450
  • Karen Daniels

    From £140
  • Function Republic

    From £1,250
  • Dee Acoustic

    1 deal -30% Discount
    From £300
  • The Shards

    1 deal -15% Discount
    From £800
  • Replay Acoustic Duo

    From £350
  • Duncan Disorderly

    From £1,450
  • The Velvet Notes

  • Emily Marina Music

    From £400
  • PianoTalk

    1 deal
  • Jessica Sutton - Harpist

    From Between 300 and £500
  • David Matthews Pianist

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £200
  • The Kites

  • The Trip

    1 deal -3% Discount
    From £900
  • Adam Sutton - Pianist & Singer

    From £250
  • The Supertones

    From £1,101
  • Cave

    From £80

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More About Wedding Music And DJs In Staffordshire

Looking for the perfect wedding band or DJ in Staffordshire, West Midlands? Here are some questions couples frequently ask.

Which Is Cheaper, A DJ Or A Band?

Generally, DJs tend to be less expensive than bands. Their prices can also be more flexible depending on your equipment needs and the time or date of your wedding. However, this isn't always the case. A well-known DJ, or one based in London or another big city, may be just as expensive as a band.

Is A DJ Or A Band Best For A Wedding?

This depends on your personal preference and budget. Both DJs and bands come with pros and cons. DJs will generally offer a wider range of songs, and can play almost any song you request, while bands may stick to a certain genre. However, a band can be more interactive and will create a lively, fun atmosphere that can't always be replicated by a DJ. Many couples opt to hire both a band and a DJ for their wedding, as they can often complement each other very well.

What Makes A Good Wedding DJ?

A good wedding DJ will know how to read the crowd. They'll play a good mix of genres that will appeal to everyone in the audience, and will accept your input on the playlist. They'll also provide MC services, making the necessary announcements to keep the event on track. They'll interact with your guests, but won't pester them or be obnoxious. Most importantly, they'll remain professional throughout the event.

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