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Groom Attire in Essex

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More About Wedding Groom Attire in Essex

Looking for wedding groom attire in Essex? Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Do Grooms in Essex Typically Wear?

In the UK (excepting Scotland, where Highland dress is common), grooms generally wear either morning dress, a tuxedo, or a three-piece suit. Morning dress is traditionally worn for very formal weddings taking place during the day. It comprises of a morning coat or half-morning coat, a waistcoat, and trousers. A tuxedo is usually worn for very formal weddings taking place after six p.m. Modern grooms often opt for a three-piece suit, as it's a good middle ground between traditional and stylish. It can easily be made unique, with a wide array of different fabrics and colours available.

How Much Does Groom Attire Cost?

This varies widely. On average, a good suit bought off the rack will cost around £150-£200, though some designer labels will cost much more. A made-to-measure suit may cost from £400 to £600, while a bespoke suit designed and made specifically for you will cost in the thousands. A more budget-friendly option is to rent your suit, which generally costs around £70-£100. Just make sure your rented suit fits you perfectly before the big day.

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