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Wedding Cakes in Essex

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Wedding Cake Options in Essex

Sweet Treats

Grab some plates and get the camera ready for you to cut into your wedding cake. Whether you’re staying traditional with a tiered, white cake or you’re stepping outside the box with a novelty creation, Essex is ripe with skilled bakers for your big day. Not just a decadent delight for the reception, you could also have cupcakes or cookies whipped up to be individually wrapped and distributed as wedding favours.

Cost Cutting

These cakes often come at a cost, but fear not for there are a few ways to keep this down. Firstly, not everyone may want a slice, especially if you’re serving other dessert options as part of the menu. Bear in mind when choosing the size that having 100 guests doesn’t mean you need a cake to feed 100, you could do perfectly fine with enough slices for 50.

If this is still tipping over the budget, break it down even more and look to getting a smaller wedding cake for photos and having sheet cake in the back. As these are easier to make and don’t require much in terms of decoration, that’s money back in your pocket. This means that you can have a few different flavours, and could also have smaller sheet cakes made to suit specific dietary needs.

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