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Last update: July 2024

The Glam Bijoux Clay Flowers, based in the charming town of Cheltenham, England, is a small home-based business dedicated to designing and crafting unique pieces.

The Glam Bijoux Clay Flowers, where we specialize in crafting exquisite clay flowers to add a touch of glamour to wedding tables and special occasions. Our passion lies in designing flower number holders, placeholders, souvenirs, and digital wedding stationery, creating a unique and elegant atmosphere for your memorable events. Elevate your styling with our bespoke creations that reflect the beauty of nature, meticulously handcrafted to enhance the charm of weddings and other special moments.

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Clay Flower Number/Card Holder

Elevate the allure of your wedding or event tables with the exquisite touch of clay flower number/card holders. Beyond their practical function, these charming details encapsulate sophistication and lend an air of timeless elegance to your celebration. Each delicate bloom not only cradles the numbers but also serves as a captivating focal point, transforming your tables into enchanting displays.

I specialize in crafting a variety of lifelike flowers, including orchids, roses, poppies, lilies, succulents, peonies, dahlias, and many more. These meticulously designed floral accents add a touch of realism and individuality, ensuring that your event blooms with a unique and personalised charm. With attention to detail and a passion for crafting nature's beauty, I create bespoke clay flowers that seamlessly blend into the aesthetic tapestry of your special day. Embrace the significance of these floral accents, and let them weave a narrative of grace and beauty throughout your celebration.

Flower Placeholder

Infuse a touch of enchantment into your wedding or event by embracing the significance of petite clay flower holders for individual guest names at each table. These dainty blooms not only serve as charming placeholders but also convey a sense of personal attention and thoughtfulness.

In the delicate dance of celebration, these intricately crafted floral details elevate the guest experience, providing a sense of warmth and belonging. As each guest discovers their name delicately cradled by a unique clay bloom, the atmosphere becomes more than just a gathering—it becomes a personalised celebration, a testament to the care poured into every aspect of the occasion.

Allow these miniature floral wonders to be more than mere markers; let them symbolize the beauty of individuality and the artistry of personal connection. In the tapestry of your event, these small yet meaningful accents weave a narrative of consideration and elegance, making each guest feel cherished and welcomed. Embrace the magic of these clay flower name holders, where even the smallest details blossom into memories that linger long after the celebration has concluded.

Clay Flower Gifts

Elevate the joy of your hen party by gifting your bridesmaids, the mother of the groom, and your own mother with a special token – seasonal clay flowers in miniature pots. These bespoke floral arrangements transcend mere gifts; they become cherished symbols of gratitude, love, and the unique bond shared on this journey.

Each delicate clay bloom, carefully crafted to represent the beauty of the season, is nestled in its own petite pot, creating a tangible reminder of the blossoming friendships and familial ties surrounding your celebration. The gesture goes beyond the ordinary, expressing appreciation for the support, guidance, and enduring connections these special women bring to your life.

As the recipients unwrap these botanical treasures, let the moment be a celebration of shared laughter, shared tears, and the shared anticipation of the upcoming union. These clay flower keepsakes serve as timeless mementos, capturing the essence of the hen party and the precious relationships that make your wedding journey truly remarkable. Embrace the magic of gratitude, and let these botanical delights flourish as lasting tokens of love.

Digital Wedding Stationery

At The Glam Bijoux Clay Flowers, we offer a service for customizable digital wedding invitations, allowing you to personalize them with your details and print them wherever suits you best. Embrace the advantages of digital invitations, such as instant accessibility, easy customization, and the flexibility to print at your convenience. Elevate the invitation experience with our digital solutions, ensuring a seamless blend of style and convenience for your special day.

Clay Flower Necklace

Enhance the allure of your wedding or special event by adorning yourself with a clay flower necklace—a delicate touch that not only elevates your style but also embodies the uniqueness of the occasion. This floral accessory transcends the ordinary, serving as a symbol of natural beauty and individuality.

Wearing a clay flower necklace is more than an aesthetic choice; it's a statement of grace and sophistication. The intricately crafted bloom adds a touch of botanical elegance to your ensemble, creating a captivating focal point that complements the celebration's ambiance. As you grace the event with this distinctive accessory, you not only enhance your own beauty but also contribute to the overall aesthetic tapestry of the occasion.

Moreover, gifting these floral necklaces to your bridesmaids is a gesture of appreciation, a way to express gratitude for their support and friendship. Each necklace becomes a unique keepsake, a tangible reminder of the shared moments and the blossoming connections that make your celebration truly special. Embrace the beauty of clay flowers as not just an accessory but a poetic expression of style and sentiment on your memorable day.

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