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Wedding Photographers in Barnsley

12 results

  • Swiftly Creative

    2 deals -5% Discount
    From £250
  • Ryan Lee Turton - Photographer

    1 deal -10% Discount
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Photography

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £995
  • Mario Spruch Photography

    1 deal -3% Discount
    From £500
  • JTR Photography

    From £100
  • Emilia Czarnota Photography

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £300
  • Monkeymole Photography

    From £1,800
  • Richard Graham Photography

    From £450
  • Blue Lights Photography

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £1,250
  • David Goodier Photography

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £600
  • Collette Evans Photography

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £2,500
  • A Splash Of Flash Wedding Photography

    1 deal -3% Discount
    From £450

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More About Wedding Photographers In Barnsley

Looking for a wedding photographer in Barnsley, South Yorkshire? Here are some questions couples frequently ask.

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Charge?

Naturally, this varies depending on the photographer, but the average price for a wedding photographer is generally around £1500 for the day. Less experienced photographers may charge less, but be aware that their work may be lower in quality. Most photographers offer a variety of packages at a range of prices, so if your budget is lower, you can choose the most affordable one.

What Do Most Wedding Photography Packages Include?

This can vary. However, most packages include a certain amount of photography coverage on the day (either a full day or a number of hours). They'll generally provide your images in digital form, as well as prints and possibly an album. Some photographers will have a second photographer with them to capture every angle, though this may cost extra. These are the basic services included in most wedding packages, but many photographers will offer more.

What's The Best Style For Wedding Photography?

There are many popular styles for wedding photography, and most photographers will specialize in one or a few. The traditional or classic style is probably the most popular, and is the style most people think of when they envision wedding photos. Some couples opt for a photojournalistic style, which involves candid photos that show the most authentic version of the event. The editorial style resembles a magazine photoshoot, while the dark and moody style plays with light and shadows to create striking contrasts. If you can't decide on one style, don't worry -- most photographers are happy to take photos in a mix of styles.

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