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Floral Designs Befitting Your Enchanting Nottinghamshire Wedding

Floral Designs Befitting Your Enchanting Nottinghamshire Wedding

The home of the legendary Robin Hood and the mythical Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire is just the place for a fairytale wedding. Whether it is the Queen of the Midlands playing host to your day or a lavish historic venue, there is no better place to embrace expressive floral design. So, if you wish to pay homage to Nottingham's iconic history and beloved hero, here are some helpful tips to get you headed in the right direction

Florals Fit For a Happily Ever After

A fairytale wedding is all about embracing your favourite childhood stories, whether it is a classic Disney tale or ancient English folklore. Whichever inspiration you choose, the key to this theme is leaning fully into the venue and floral design. Nottinghamshire is filled with magical settings, including woodland venues and stately homes, that can easily adapt to your chosen look. For true fairytale blooms, long, draping Wisteria is always a winner, with white roses coming in a close second. Hanging floral arrangements and luscious arches are a wonderful option. You could even interweave them with linens and candles for the ultimate romantic effect.

Embrace Your Inner Rebel

In the true spirit of Robin Hood, why not go the adventurous route, and rebel against tradition? Alternative weddings have never looked so chic, and there is ample opportunity to embrace your inner wild child in elegant fashion. Nottinghamshire's outdoor venues are the perfect playground to let your quirky side shine, and a whimsical wedding theme is an easy way to add your unique stamp. This aesthetic is all about the unconventional and unrestricted, allowing you to pull from whatever styles take your fancy. Colour schemes are key here, and floral décor is a fun and vibrant way to bring your chosen hues to life. From pastels to shades of orange and green, the trick is to pick those colours that make you smile. A little mix and match is always a sure-fire way to hype up the fun.

Flowers aren't the only way to make a statement. Check out our list of alterative wedding dresses that would make Maid Marian proud.

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