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Late Availability - Saturday 17th August 2024

The Kings Oak Hotel

The Kings Oak Hotel

Loughton, Essex
5.0 out of 5 rating, 75 reviews
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Expires on 17/08/2024

A Singular Spectacle Awaits: Your August Wedding Amidst the Majesty of Kings Oak.

Imagine a day when the sun dapples through the canopy of ancient trees, casting a luminescent glow over your first kiss as newlyweds. This is not just a summer daydream – it's an exclusive invitation to weave your love story into the fabric of an August afternoon.

On Saturday, 17th August 2024, Kings Oak Hotel opens its arms to you for a wedding celebration that promises to be as radiant as the height of summer itself. This date, set amid the lush zenith of the season, is now yours for the taking, a canvas awaiting the vivid colours of your romance.

At Kings Oak, where every corner holds a promise and every moment is steeped in magic, we’re offering this rare opening for you to declare your love in the embrace of Epping Forest's grandeur. As award-winning as our venue is, on this day, it's your love that will take center stage.

With nature in full bloom and the evening air filled with the symphony of summer, your wedding will be more than a ceremony. It will be an event that stands as a beacon of beauty and celebration in the hearts of all who attend.

Envision your guests delighting in sumptuous splendour as they commemorate this most auspicious day with you. Picture an evening where every toast, every dance, every shared glance is illuminated by the golden touch of August's grace.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to make Saturday, 17th August 2024, a date that will resonate through the ages. Let us at Kings Oak Hotel be the architects of your summer spectacle – one that will be looked back upon as nothing less than legendary.

Take the first step towards securing this coveted summer Saturday by reaching out to us now. Let’s begin crafting an august event worthy of your grandest vision.

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