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Late Availability - Saturday 14th September 2024

The Kings Oak Hotel

The Kings Oak Hotel

Loughton, Essex
5.0 out of 5 rating, 75 reviews
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Expires on 14/09/2024

Your Exclusive Invitation: Embrace Autumn's Elegance on September 14th at Kings Oak.

Envision a day where the early whispers of autumn weave a crisp, golden tapestry across the landscape – a setting so perfect that even the heavens seem to pause in admiration. Now, open your eyes to reality because on Saturday, 14th September 2024, this vision is yours to claim at Kings Oak Hotel.

We are thrilled to extend an exclusive offer for you to set your wedding amidst the turning leaves and soft, amber light of early fall. It’s a time when the forest becomes an artist’s palette, the air carries an exhilarating freshness, and every moment feels ripe with possibility.

Kings Oak Hotel – an award-winning venue renowned for its enchanting embrace within Epping Forest – now presents this singular date for your nuptial celebration. Imagine tying the knot as nature itself stands in ovation, donning its most vibrant hues in your honor.

Your guests will be enraptured by the majestic transition of seasons, a natural backdrop that promises stunning photographs and memories that will remain as vivid as the day itself. As day turns to dusk and the stars begin their nightly vigil, your celebration will glow with a warmth that only September can bestow.

This opportunity to book your wedding on the coveted Saturday of 14th September is as rare as it is remarkable. It’s not just a chance to say "I do," it's an occasion to craft an experience that resonates with the timeless beauty of autumnal elegance.

Let's make this date a marker in your journey together – a celebration that will be reminisced upon for generations. Reach out now to begin tailoring your special day at Kings Oak Hotel, where autumnal charm and your love story meet.

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