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Wedding Marquee & Tipi Hire in Wiltshire

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Hiring a Wedding Marquee and Tipi in Wiltshire

What Are Wedding Marquees and Tipis?

Wiltshire offers several breathtaking locations for outside weddings and there are various marquees and tipis available to add to these magical settings. Wedding marquees and tipis are tents that you can hire to keep your shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception as intimate as possible while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of the outdoors. Many provide tall ceilings for chandeliers or disco balls, and provide ample room for your guests to move in and out throughout your event.

What Decor Can You Find for a Wedding Marquee and Tipi?

Decorating a wedding marquee and tipi can be easy. In fact, these items are usually versatile and can suit anything from fairytale lights to boho chic furniture. With your wedding already in the beautiful outdoors, you can add to the venue with a fitted dance floor, draping, uplighting, and many more.

Is It Cheap To Hire a Wedding Marquee and Tipi in Wiltshire?

In Wiltshire, you and your significant other can find a list of big and small wedding marquees and tipis for your outdoor event. At Hitched you can discover various shades, shapes, and sizes to suit your theme and venue. These items on average cost from £500 to £1100 to hire for your entire event. However, this cost may differ depending on delivery, setup, cleanup, and other additional services that these vendors often provide.

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