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Wedding Marquee & Tipi Hire in Hampshire

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Your Outdoor Wedding in Hampshire

Can’t decide between an elegant soiree or a festival fun wedding theme? Well now you don’t have to.

Come Rain or Shine

Sitting in the south of England, the tranquil abyss of Hampshire covers over 3,500 square kilometers and sits on the coast of the English Channel. With well-known towns like Southampton and Winchester, as well as a wealth of lush rural land, this county has a plethora of options for an outdoor wedding beyond your wildest dreams. Thanks to a range of outdoor venue options and innovations, you can combine the beauty of nature with the comfort of the indoors in anything from a classic gazebo to an elegant marquee, or eclectic tipi.

Does the word “yurt” spring to mind when you picture a wedding? No? Well now it will! Gone are the days of tattered tents with buckets to collect the rain. They have been overthrown and replaced with sophisticated pieces, luxurious finishing, and even romantic string lighting for an extra-luscious ambiance. There are a range of rental companies to choose from offering various styles and sizes of these pop-up venues, so be sure to check them out and find what’s right for you!

The Technicalities

As with anything in life, there are, of course, some details to bear in mind when planning your outdoor wedding in the sunny south. You are welcome to celebrate your wedding reception in any outdoor location that will have you. Your legal ceremony, however, must take place on approved premises, and approved premises must be permanent… so no tents. Never fear, you can still say “I do” in an official ceremony before hitting the road to your stylish afterparty.

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