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Wedding Catering in Northumberland

9 results

  • Two J's Woodfired Pizza

    From £500
    20 to 320
  • Angel Street Food

    From £250
    75 to 1000
  • Wilkins Fine Dining

    From £25
    10 to 500
  • Haversham's Catering

  • The Duck House Pantry

    From £8
    10 to 300
  • Antonino's Ices

  • HK Buffet Catering

  • Ciccarelli Artisan Gelato

    From £300
  • Pimp My Pig

    From £600
    50 to 250

Wedding Catering in Northumberland

Your Wedding Catering Guide

Some Northumberland venues will have a package that includes wedding catering. If you will be celebrating in a space without this option, it’s another thing you’ll need to get planning. Thankfully, the task isn’t generally too tricky, and with tastings along the way, it’s an enjoyable process to partake in.

The Details

The best way to start searching for your caterer is to consider your budget and guest count. Then, get chatting to caterers whose services align with your needs. Think about whether you want hors d’oerves and a standing reception, or would rather a sit-down buffet, plated or family-style selection.

A Feast for All

Is there anything worse than sitting down to your meal after a long and exciting day, only to find that there’s nothing on the menu that suits your tastes? This can easily happen at weddings (and other celebrations, for that matter) but can be just as easily avoided. Regardless of the meal style you intend on serving, you want there to be some sort of choice or selection so your loved ones don’t go hungry. The first step to this is finding out about any dietary restrictions your guests may have. This is most often done with a simple tick-the-box or space left on the RSVP card.

Catering in Northumberland by Region

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