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Nowadays more Brides are keen to say a few words on their special. It is here you can thank your guests for coming and say a special thank you to your wedding entourage. Without your family and friends, your day wouldn’t have been the same.

In your wedding speech you may want to acknowledge special friends and remember loved ones who aren’t there with you on the day.

You can dedicate part of your Bride speech to thanking your parents for their support and for everything you have been through with them so far. You can include some special moments that you have shared with them that you hold dear to your heart and will cherish forever.

In your Bride speech you will want to say a special something to your new husband; maybe a special memory that have when you first met, what was about him that made you fall in love with him and to tell him your looking forward to the years ahead with him. Give him the recognition he deserves.

There are many examples of Bride speeches to help inspire. If you would like to help others with their speech, please send us your Bride speech and we will add it to our examples.

Good Luck!

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Bride Wedding Speeches

Jul 2017
Sofia Berry
May 2012
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Aug 2014
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Aug 2014
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Mrs G
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Jun 2002
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Dec 2012
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Mar 2003
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Jul 2006
Karen W
Apr 2003
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May 2002
Sep 2000
Emma Breslin
Aug 2003
Ellen Tadman
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Jul 2006
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Kay Thomson
Jul 2002
gill dickson
Dec 2002
Sarah Cleary
Jun 2001
Elena Cook
Mar 2004