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Mobile Bar Services in Northern Ireland

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Bottoms up: Mobile Bar Services in Northern Ireland

From the gorgeous museums to the elegant manors, Northern Ireland is rich with potential settings for your wedding. What better way to complete your guest's experience than a wonderful mobile bar? In Northern Ireland, you'll find several mobile bar options to help you and your guests have a memorable celebration. From coffee to cocktails, each of your loved ones is sure to enjoy a delicious sip.

What to Look for in a Bar Service

When you consult with your potential bar supplier, you'll definitely want to check how many service hours are included in their wedding packages. Are champagne toasts available? Do they offer non-alcoholic options? How many people are they able to serve at one time?

Then be sure to apply for a licence if you want alcohol at your wedding. After all that is sorted, then you can focus on decor, aesthetics, and other fun details.

Drink pairings: the Best Drinks for Different Bites

One of the main parts of a successful celebration is a great dining experience. Your bar service is sure to check that their variety of beverages matches your canapes and entrees to a tee. On Hitched, you'll find multiple bar services to match your unique palate. From your custom cocktails to your coffee options, they will ensure your wedding day has a satisfying taste.

Mobile Bar Services in Northern Ireland by Region

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