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Wedding Marquee & Tipi Hire in Northern Ireland

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Wedding Marquee & Tipi Hire in Northern Ireland

Finding the Right Marquee or Tipi For Your Northern Ireland Wedding

Want to add an outdoor element to your wedding festivities? A marquee or tipi is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors without getting caught in the Northern Ireland weather. From one of these tents, you'll be sheltered from the rain while still appreciating the fresh air and beautiful views. Marquees and tipis come in various sizes and shapes, for variety when choosing what works best for you.

Can You Put Up a Marquee Anywhere?

As long as your venue has an outdoor space, you'll probably be able to find a wedding marquee or tipi to fit. One of the main benefits of marquees and tipis, though, is the ability to see the countryside around you. For this reason, they're best suited to areas with breathtaking views that you want to be able to enjoy.

Can You Decorate a Marquee?

When it comes to outfitting your chosen wedding marquee or tipi, the world is your oyster. These structures are a blank canvas, making it easy to coordinate them with your wedding vision, whether you want a sophisticated cocktail reception or something more rustic. You can use uplighting to add colour to the tent or highlight certain areas. Draping and flowers are perfect for adding some romance to the setup.

Marquee & Tipi Hire in Northern Ireland by Region

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