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Drones Suppliers

16 results

  • The Skycam

    From £495
  • PHOTO ELEVATE Mast and Drone Aerial Photography

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £200
  • davebestphotography

    1 deal -15% Discount
    From £395
  • Upper Look

  • The Skycam

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £325
  • Vetus Air Services

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £150
  • Flitefilms

    1 deal -3% Discount
    From £699
  • Red Kite Drones

    1 deal -15% Discount
    From £500
  • Daviator (Drone Services)

    From £100
  • Aerosnap

    1 deal -20% Discount
    From £99
  • Drone Support Services

    From £350
  • Blackwater Drones

    2 deals -5% Discount
    From £150
  • PNK9 Security

    1 deal -5% Discount

    1 deal -10% Discount
    From £200
  • The Skycam Stafford

    1 deal -15% Discount
    From £325
  • Aeroflair

    1 deal -5% Discount
    From £265

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Wedding Drones

About Wedding Drones

By hiring a wedding drone for your big day, you’re unleashing new ways to capture memories as drone cameras can fly above large wedding parties to get an aerial shot that will fit everyone in, as well as taking pictures of the two of you from a more unique angle. As well as on your wedding day itself, you can hire this amazing piece of kit for some one-of-a-kind drone engagement photos. Find the best wedding drone suppliers here on Hitched!

Wedding Drone Benefits

Drone wedding photography is an unobtrusive way to take more creative wedding pictures and capture special moments as you won’t even notice the ‘photographer’ in question. If your wedding venue has a dynamic location such as a lake, beach or vineyard wedding venue , a wedding drone is an excellent way to take unique photographs of the setting that you wouldn’t be able to get without the use of one. The aerial footage will bring out the most spectacular aspects of your wedding!

Do You Need Permission to Use a Wedding Drone?

Make sure you hire your drone from a licensed drone provider such as from the ones on Hitched so that it is handled carefully and in the correct fashion. Remember to check with your wedding venue too before hiring a drone to make sure they allow them to be used on the premises as there are restrictions in place, for example you cannot fly a drone in a flight path.

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