Wedding Drones Suppliers

Capture your wedding day with a unique twist by hiring a drone camera. By using a drone camera at your wedding you’ll be able to get some unusual aerial shots of your big day and footage of key moments which you may not have captured otherwise.

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Airmotion gives you the opportunity to see your special day from a new, fresh, and creative angle. By using the latest technology in drones, they can capture a perspective that you would otherwise miss. From still images, videos or custom flying foot... Read more
Radar Film
Radar Aerial is another name for the company listed as Radar Film in our videography section, covering Yorkshire. Radar Aerial can provide a drone for your wedding day either as part of a video working with a separate videographer, or as part of a pa... Read more
View Tech
View Tech gives you the opportunity to add an additional unique twist to standard wedding photography. Specialising in drone photography, the latest technology inspires them to create different and personal footage. To be able to get the venue, guest... Read more
Daedalus Aerial Visuals Ltd
Your special days deserves to be remembered from a special perspective. We can capture your special day in 4k resolution so that your memories last in high resolution.    We are able to operate without you really knowing we are there, and... Read more
Hunter UAV Photography
Welcome to Hunter UAV Photography. We are a professional aerial photography and aerial videography company. We are fully licensed with the CAA and fully insured to carry out commercial operations. Based in Worcestershire with a motorway network aroun... Read more
Take-Off Drone Photography
I'm a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) APPROVED & INSURED commercial Drone operator for Aerial Filming, Video & Photography.   Providing aerial video and photography. Allowing you to show your special day in it's landcsape and settings,... Read more

About Drones

By hiring a drone camera for your wedding day, you’re unleashing new ways to capture memories of your special day.

Drone cameras can fly above large wedding parties to get an aerial shot that will fit everyone in, as well as taking pictures of the two of you from a more unique angle.

By using a drone for some of your wedding photography, you can take more creative wedding pictures and capture special moments without even noticing the ‘photographer’ in question. It’s a more unobtrusive way to capture some special moments.

Make sure you hire your drone from a licensed drone provider and that it is handled carefully and in the correct fashion. Check with your venue too before hiring a drone to make sure they allow them to be used on the premises.