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Wedding Cakes in Warwickshire

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  • Meg Rivers, DIY - Decorate It Yourself

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More About Wedding Cakes in Warwickshire

Looking for the perfect wedding cake? Here are some questions couples frequently ask.

What is the Traditional Wedding Cake in the UK?

Traditionally in the UK and Australia, the wedding cake is a rich fruitcake, covered with icing and sometimes filled with almond paste. However, there are many more different kinds of wedding cake available these days. Vanilla is a popular option, as most guests tend to like it. Other possible flavours include chocolate, lemon, and almond. You may base your selection on the time of year, for example lemon cake for a summer wedding, or something rich like red velvet for a winter wedding.

How Should I Choose My Wedding Cake?

Most couples want their cakes to match the theme and style of their wedding, so it's best to choose your cake after you have decided on this. Visit different cake-makers and do taste tests to ensure you'll like the finished product. Your wedding day is about you, so choose a flavour you like!

When Should I Get My Wedding Cake?

The more notice your cake-maker has, the more amazing your cake will be. Some cakes take up to a year of planning to create. Some parts of the cake, including custom sugar work and edible decorations, are made weeks or months in advance and kept refrigerated until the big day. So choose your cake as early as you can!

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