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Wedding Cakes in Inverness

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Your Guide To The Perfect Inverness Wedding Cake

A beautiful and delicious wedding cake is what ties a great wedding reception together. If you’re looking for a wedding cake that will leave you and your guests wanting more, why not have a look at our wonderful bakers in Inverness? Home to a range of talented and creative bakeries, Inverness will not disappoint when it comes to creating a wonderful tasting cake that suits your appetite.

How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost In Inverness?

Many factors can influence the cost of your wedding cake, including the size of your cake, the ingredients used, and the detail put into the cake. The average wedding cake in the UK cake prices ranges from £450-£750, with luxury cakes costing around £850. A great tip for staying within your cake budget is to consult with your Inverness bakery about the size of cake needed to serve your wedding guests. This can help cut the cost of your cake and prevent waste at the end of your special day.

How To Pick Your Perfect Inverness Baker

Before you hire an Inverness baker to create your dream cake, it is essential to ask some of the important questions. For example, ask to view their past designs, which will give you an idea of what kind of cake styles they can create. It is also helpful to inquire about their delivery services, deposit, and cancellation policies. If you or any of your guests have dietary restrictions, you might ask them if they can create cakes that cater to lactose intolerant, coeliac, or vegan guests.

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