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Shibumi presents beautifully stylish silk and cashmere jackets, coats, kaftans, waistcoats, gowns and more, featuring beautiful embroidery.

Ruth Guise started Shibumi in 2004, inspired by her love of fabrics. After over ten years, she is skilled at creating elegant designs perfect for the mother of the bride. The range is designed for everyone, so petite and plus sides are available. The size range for women begins at size 6 and goes up to size 26. You can also enjoy a bespoke service from Shibumi – visit the website to find out more.

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Cashmere Coat Women Nehru Cardinal Pink
Silk Jacket Women Anya Honey Gold
Silk Coat Women Aquila Antique Gold
Silk Jacket Women Juna Porcelian
Silk Coat Women Delphine Aqua Teal
Cashmere Coat Women Grace Wedgewood
Silk Jacket Women Anya Hot Magenta
Silk Coat Women Aquila Honey Gold
Cashmere Coat Women Aquila Charcoal
Silk Jacket Women Anya Aqua Teal
Delphine Coat Lobelia
Silk Coat Women Delphine Flame
Silk Coat Women Grace Porcelian
Cashmere Jacket Women Anya Imperial Blue
Silk Jacket Women Juna Honey Gold
Silk Coat Women Aquila Soft Pistachio
Cashmere Coat Women Aquila Dragonfly Green
Silk Coat Women Grace Brilliant Turquoise
Cashmere Jacket Women Anya Dragonfly Green
Silk Coat Women Nehru African Cobalt