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Designer Without Prejudice

Without Prejudice was created in an eclectic corner of North London, by two brothers who had enough of menswear ranges that were big on swagger but failed to deliver what they promised. The two tailors decided that rather than moan about slipping standards in men’s formalwear, they’d fill the gap in the market.

By embracing change and being ambitious, the pair managed to create a brand that inspires innovation and puts individuality over mass appeal.

Now Without Prejudice stocks its men’s formalwear and wedding suits in over 60 of Britain’s finest independent retailers and across the globe too. The British designed tailored suits are made in Europe and don’t compromise on quality or style.  


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  • Without Prejudice
Buckley Linen Soft Mint
Buckley Linen Light Blue
Randolph 3 Piece Light Blue
Randolph 3 Piece Cafe Beige
Randolph 2 Piece Deep Blue
Loveridge Reverse Pattern Blue
Kingswood Puzzle Check White
Loveridge Crisp Day White
Loveridge Reverse Pattern Green
Anson Windowpane Blue
Canfield DC Formal Shirt White
Loveridge Reverse Pattern Lilac
Canfield DC Formal Shirt Light Blue
Stafford Stripe Bouquet Cool Aqua
Canfield DC Formal Shirt Light Pink